A New Loyal Friend - Blog #1

Article published by Pacific, January 28th 2020.

Greetings, everyone! 📫

A lot mystical creatures from faraway lands and distant galaxies have made their into the world of Mineraze. Yes, custom pets are finally here! More than 30 custom designed and animated pets have found their way onto the server and are now available for you to obtain from completing in-game objectives and from our online store!

These new pets have been in development since before the server released and we're happy to finally make them available. The pets include Camels, Lions, Cats and Star Wars figures such as BB-and BB9-E.

We have many pets available now and more coming in the future including a Baby Yoda pet. We can't wait to see what you guys think about them, be sure to let us know on the Discord!

Below is a sneak-peak of 3 of my personal favorites!