Texture Pack & Titles - Blog #2

Article published by Pacific, January 29th 2020.

Greetings, everyone! 📫

The first texture pack update of season one is now live. This includes a lot of changes to some of the existing custom items found on the server, and also the addition of several new cosmetics.

Here is a rundown of the main changes with the texture pack

  • Weathered Relic texture has been changed to a skull more fitting for its item description.
  • Shattered Crystal item now actually is a shattered crystal.
  • Updated texture for Tier 4 & Black Market shovel
  • Added 6 new cosmetic hats that will be able to earn soon.
  • Purple & Yellow Lightsaber added and will be available soon.
  • Reduced resource pack size from 9 MB to 5 MB (should help those with poor connection get in faster)

More texture pack updates are coming in the future with even more additions. You can expect to see the newly added cosmetics available in crates soon.

Other Changes

The in-game title menu has been overhauled and seven new titles have been added.

  • Safari title
  • Zookeeper title
  • Caretaker title
  • Trooper title
  • Droid title
  • Jedi title
  • Sith title

These titles are available for purchase on our store and can be previewed both in-game on and on online store. In the future they will also be available in the point store, alongside the cosmetic pets released earlier this week.