Jobs Changes & More - Blog #3

Article published by Pacific, February 1st2020.

Greetings, everyone! 📫

A new major update is now available on the server. This brings several changes and additions such as custom items, though the main focus of this update has been jobs balancing.

Jobs Changes

There's been a major imbalance between several Jobs on the server, so in an effort to balance them more the following jobs have been buffed and nerfed. We hope this will lessen the gap between jobs while still rewarding the jobs that require extra investment to setup (such as hunter, sorcerer and blacksmith).

More balance changes are subject to happen in the future if we find it necessary.

⦁ Digger job income buffed by ~ 200%

⦁ Fisherman job income buffed by ~ 100%

⦁ Miner job income buffed by ~ 50%

⦁ Cook job income bufed by ~ 250%

⦁ Voyager job income buffed by ~ 70%

⦁ Hunter job income nerfed by ~ 15%

⦁ Blacksmith job income nerfed by ~ 15%

⦁ Sorcerer job income nerfed by ~ 10%

Dungeon Changes

New custom plugin has been added for dungeons which makes the dungeon boss only spawn after many of the normal dungeons mobs have been slain. This is to prevent the unintended behavior where players were skipping the majority of the dungeon.

From now on the Frostwind and Tomb of Alcazar boss only spawns after the server collectively have killed 200 mobs (amount subject to change) inside the dungeon. We realize this might make the dungeons take more time to complete so therefore there's a potential extra reward as well. After the boss has been spawned and killed you can kill another 200 mobs and another boss will spawn. This means if the server is effective and quickly kills more mobs after the boss has been killed you could potentially get multiple boss spawns during the same dungeon.

Other Key Changes

⦁ The cosmetic crate has been updated. There are 9 new potential unique rewards such as a Pirate Hat & Hook, Viking Helmet, Glasses and more!

⦁ Added a custom anvil interface texture. There is now a message in the interface warning you not to put custom items inside the anvil or they will stop working.

⦁ MCMMO has been updated to the latest version. This brings dozens of changes, most notable double drops from mining now works again.

⦁ MCMMO Scoreboard now works (/mcsb keep)

⦁ Removed Emerald ore requirement from Miner quests. You may have to re-take the quest for this change to work. (do /quests quit <quest> and retake quest by the NPC)

⦁ Several changes and fixes to the custom events plugin have been made. Includes event reward dropping on ground with full inventory.

⦁ Smelter enchantment now works again.

⦁ Added more items/blocks to the itemfilter GUI.

⦁ Hopper behavior should now be back to vanilla, meaning most contraptions now work.

⦁ You can now fix a soulbound repaired item in the Runestone for a fee. (If a donor uses /repair on an item, it's bound to them unless you have repair access yourself. In the runestone you can now bind it to yourself.