Valentine's Update - Blog #4

Article published by Pacific, February 12th 2020

Greetings, everyone! 📫

We're nearing the most romantic day of the year, and therefore we're kicking it off early with a small event lasting from today until Monday 16th February. This is a good opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive cosmetics only available during this Valentine Event!

By visiting Cupid in spawn (or /warp valentine) you'll be able to purchase some new amazing Valentine Wings that include a Halo! You will also find two new titles, Lovebird and Starstruck. For you who loves building and decorating you can also find hundreds of decorative heads themed around Valentine.

The Valentine Wings can be purchased in-game by spending a new currency "Box of Chocolate" which is found as a random artifact drop (1/6500 drop chance). Titles can also be purchased for this currency. We realize this may be a busy time for people and everyone can't necessarily login to grind for those new cosmetics so the Valentine Wings can also be found on the store by clicking here.

Other Recent Changes

  • Added Heads & Banner to the Itemfilter
  • Added Gift Cards to the store.
  • Added 6 new black market items.
  • Dungeon mobs now wear custom model items.
  • Several bug fixes and backend improvements.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for being part of the community. We have a lot of exciting new features in development with several new dungeons, prestige system and more coming your way soon!

Here is a preview of the new exclusive Valentine Wings