Assaults are periodic events that occur on the server. They can be started by contributing money and resources to the war effort. You can contribute money in spawn by speaking to General Wrynn.

After enough resources have been contributed to the war effort, the Assault event will begin, and players can venture to distant lands and conquer fallen kingdoms that have been overrun by monsters and other evils. In the zones, you can find many custom mobs, custom items, and several quests. If the brave heroes on the server quickly put an end to many of the monsters, a very dangerous raid boss will spawn, requiring several players to defeat.

Greater Assaults (COMING 2020)

This works similar to the normal Assaults, except they are much harder, and happens very rarely. Every time the server hits the monthly store donation goal, this event will be active for a whole day. Once again, this event features areas overrun by powerful monsters, bosses, and there are some very powerful and unique rewards for participating in this event.