Dungeons is a general fantasy term for an adventuring area with loot and enemies to defeat.

On MINERAZE you can find and explore various different dungeons with unique quests, loot, bosses and short stories.

Dungeons activate at random intervals. There should roughly be one dungeon open every 1-2 hours.

Frostwind Caverns

Venture together with Sir Balfour and other players into the depths of the Frostwind Caverns and discover its secrets.

  • Fight the once peaceful Frostwind Villagers, now raised into undeath.
  • Defeat Kel'Thuzad the Lich, who's responsible for the unrest.

Tomb of Alcazar

Venture together with explorers and other players into the Tomb of Alcazar, and discover its many lost treasure.

  • Fight the Hostile Raiders and the Tomb Guardians.
  • Defeat Guardian of the Tomb, the construct guarding the treasure.

Temple of Death (COMING EARLY 2020)

Venture together with other players into the Temple of Death, and learn the fate of the noble, Sir Balfour.

  • Fight the evil minions of Death.
  • Defeat the Death Inquisitor
  • Defeat Balfour the Tormented, a once noble warrior.

Seat of the Titans (COMING EARLY 2020)

Have you achieved the Celestial powers? Only then will you be ready to embark on this otherworldly adventure.

  • Help the Titans fight their cosmological war against the Void Minions.
  • Defeat the three Void Lord bosses.
  • Ascend and unlock new powers.