Prestiging is something for end-game players that want an extra challenge. Once you reach the highest in-game rank, Celestial, you'll be eligible for prestiging.

When you prestige the following happens:

- Your jobs are all set to level 1

- Your in-game rank is set back to Wanderer

There are five tiers of prestiging and each tier comes with its own rewards.

You can learn more by typing the /prestige command in-game

So prestiging goes like this. You reach Celestial rank on the server. You now have the option to prestige. If you decide to Prestige your jobs will be reset and you will be set to Wanderer. Now you're in prestige mode. You now get the prestige tier 1 rewards and must rankup all the way from Wanderer to Celestial again. When you reach Celestial you can then prestige again which is tier 2, and so forth until you reach tier 5. You can see all perks in-game.