Shops are an effective way to earn money on the server. Creating a shop will allow you to easily buy and sell items to other players. Following the guide below, you'll be able to setup your own shop is no time if have the required in-game rank. It is recommended to rent a shop inside the player-marketplace (/market) to maximize your profits and shop visibility.

Line One - Username

  • On this line, you should type your username.

Line Two - Amount of an Item

  • This line represents the amount of an item you will exchange for a specified price. For example putting this line to "64" would correlate to selling/buying 64x of the item.

Line Three - Price Buy/Sell

  • This line sets the price of your exchange. For example, "B 12" represents the buying price. This price is 12 in-game dollars. The "S 6" correlates with the selling price. The price is 6 in-game dollars. There must be a colon between these values, and the spacing must be right. (Note: The items will be bought and sold in quantities equaling the amount value you added on the second line)

Line Four - Item

  • The fourth line of the shop is specific and requires a certain ID to sell the correct item. The best way to find this ID is to type /iteminfo when holding the desired item in your hand. This will display the exact ID you would enter into line 4 of your shop. An example of something that would display is 259#m. To break this down further, the first number is the Minecraft item ID. This number represents the item. The second number is Enchantment ID. The only way to figure out this is to /iteminfo the enchanted item you are holding. Doing this command will give you the exact ID you should place on the fourth line of your chest shop.

Still confused? Click here for a video tutorial.