Patch 5.5 - Ascension

Patch 5.5 - Ascension

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Greetings, adventurers!

We're thrilled to introduce Patch 5.5, bringing a host of exciting features and improvements to enhance your gameplay experience.

Ascension ⚡️

Prepare to transcend the limits of possibility as we introduce the Ascension system, tailor-made for our esteemed endgame players.

Regardless of your guild affiliations, Ascension empowers you to reach unparalleled heights of power.

Unlock a realm of potent abilities including boosters, rubies, expanded vault slots, and the highly coveted Tier 8 gear. Bid farewell to the confines of conventional progression and embark on an odyssey to greatness that knows no boundaries.

  • Ascend and unlock new powerful rewards.

Begin your ascent with /ascend.

Ascend today!

Begin with /ascend

Custom Rank 🏆

Your desires have been heard, and the era of the Custom Rank has dawned! Shape your in-game persona like never before.

Shine with a Custom Texture Title that reflects your individual flair—select text and colors to make a striking statement. Revel in a range of benefits, from amplified Jobs Money and XP to exclusive access to the /locate command. Immerse yourself in intrigue with a selection of Custom Disguises, each granting a distinct transformation. Fortify your in-game influence with expanded production capabilities and augmented chunk limits, enabling you to carve out a unique sphere of authority.

  • Unlock the Custom rank with many new and awesome perks. See below!
Custom rank perks

Find the rank on the store now!

Chat Race Updates 🏁

Challenge your wits and knowledge in the revamped Chat Race. Engage in thrilling races against time, tackling hundreds of new questions, quizzes, and trivia. Prove your prowess to claim increased rewards and solidify your reputation as a true master of quick thinking.

  • More than 200 new chat race questions, scrambles, and quizzes.
  • The money reward has been doubled.

Ability Bar 🛠️

Now, when you trigger an ability, a timer bar appears, showing how much time remains. This smart addition helps you use your abilities more wisely by planning their limited usage effectively.

Resource Pack Updates 🖼️

Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of our updated custom resource pack. Unveil a collection of over 40 new titles that add a dash of uniqueness to your journey. Stand proudly as a Ravenlord, Frostlord, or Godsmith with exclusive texture titles designed for the highest echelons of each guild.

Thank you for your continued support. Patch 5.5 invites you to ascend beyond boundaries, carve your legacy with a Custom Rank, conquer the Chat Race, and indulge in the enriched visuals of our updated resource pack. Adventure awaits!