Voting is one of several ways you can support the server and ensure its longevity. By voting on the websites below you improve the server's ranking, thus making the server more visible to new players. Therefore, voting is very important for the server as it increases the number of new players joining the server.

By voting you receive many different perks and goods as a 'thank you' for supporting the server. You can view the specific benefits and rewards in-game by typing /rewards. You can also find all the voting links in-game by using /vote, but they are also posted on this page for easy access, so you can vote while not being in-game on the server.

1) Vote Link #1

2) Vote Link #2

3) Vote Link #3

4) Vote Link #4

5) Vote Link #5

6) Vote Link #6

7) Vote Link #7

8) Vote Link #8