Server Rules

To avoid potential action taken against your account, please make sure you read and follow the server rules at all times.
These rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented periodically without notice. MINERAZE staff may at all times act with the necessary authority to preserve the interests of the server. This power is not constrained by the lack of specific language on this page. MINERAZE staff may use any form of punitive actions at their disposal against any entity whose conduct is not within the confines of the best interests of MINERAZE.

Rules were last updated July 27th 2022.

Rule 1 - No hacking, cheating, exploiting, or glitching

1.1 No cheating of any kind is allowed on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, hacked clients such as x-ray or click aimbot, auto-clickers (mods or otherwise), x-ray texture packs, auto-fishing, auto-placing blocks/building, as well as macros that give players an unfair advantage. We only allow mods that give no unfair advantage over other players. If you are grinding a job that requires little to no attention (holding down one button, etc.) and don't react to staff messages it will be considered auto-clicking. Pay attention.

1.2 Do not abuse any bugs, exploit the server’s features, or duplicate items for personal gain in any way that can be considered unfair or unjust. This also includes bypassing chunk limits. Abuse of this kind may result in a permanent ban.

1.3 Usage of alternate accounts to earn extra rewards from Guilds, Dungeons, Quests, Parkour, Daily Llama, and Event activities is considering cheating and is not allowed. However, you can use alternate accounts for:
• Voting.
• Rank-specific kits.
• Playtime Rewards (those given automatically)
• Loading chunks.

1.4 Abuse of game mechanics is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, pulling dungeon mobs & bosses into zones where they cannot hit the player(s) or otherwise become ineffective.

1.5 Leeching rewards during dungeons and events is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, standing AFK for long periods of time in dungeons and event areas and not partaking in the objective while still reaping the rewards. Caught doing this may result in a partial or full character wipe

1.6 Do not evade the mutes, bans, and jails of your account. You cannot speak to others using books or signs in-game if muted, and you cannot log on to different accounts for the purpose of evading any of these three punishments.

1.7 You may only use one spawner grinder at a time. For example, using several grinders with alternate accounts located at each for quick mob spawning and teleportation is disallowed and will be heavily penalized.

1.8 The staff reserves the right to remove any player from the server if they are found to be disruptive or for any reason deemed necessary.

Rule 2 - No advertising

2.1 Do not mention or attempt to bypass mentioning, the name of any server other than MineRaze. Do not try to bring other players to a different Minecraft server in any way.

2.2 Do not mention the IP or attempt to bypass mentioning the IP, of any server other than MineRaze. The staff takes this offense very seriously.

2.3 Do not try to advertise any social media account in an attempt to gain a following. Other links may be sent between friends with permission from the staff.

Rule 3 - No spamming, begging, or causing drama

3.1 Do not spam in any chat channel. Repeating the same or similar messages multiple times, repeating the same character in a way that is distracting, and chatting outside of direct interpersonal messaging with a large portion of capital letters are all not allowed.

3.2 Keep the chat appropriate. Do not enter filtered profanity excessively, and do not bypass the chat filter with inappropriate words outside of messaging.

3.3 Do not spam market or transaction advertisements; please wait ten minutes between ad messages. If another player has recently advertised a shop you cannot advertise the same shop within ten minutes.

3.4 Only communicate using the English language in the global chat channel.

3.5 Politics, religion, or other controversial topics are allowed until they bring unnecessary tension and drama to the server.

3.6 Do not start personal arguments or create intentional drama between players.

3.7 Do not use an inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory username, skin, or nickname. Those who join the server with an offensive username will be muted until their name is changed to something appropriate.

3.8 You should also not create inappropriate builds, signs, or town and nation names that fall under the inappropriate topics listed above.

3.9 Do not conduct unofficial gambling halls without clearly stating the odds of winning via a signpost nearby. You are obligated to show a test run with no risk nor reward of the casino game to a staff member prior to advertising it.

Rule 4 - No griefing or stealing

4.1 Do not break, place, or set fire to blocks that you do not own. You must also have permission from the plot’s owner to use another’s farm.

4.2 Do not kill another player’s mobs, including mobs spawned by a spawner block, without their permission.

4.3 Do not steal items from others without their permission from containers. If a player drops an item by accident and you pick it up, you must return the item upon request.

4.4 The stealing and deconstruction of builds is illegal. This includes claiming over fallen or unclaimed towns. We urge you to protect your structures and containers if you want them to remain safe and untouched. Staff will in most circumstances not rollback your builds.

4.5 Do not intentionally inconvenience the expansion of a town by building or breaking within 20 blocks of any claim. For example, do not excavate large pits nor build walls around a claim to halter their progress.

Rule 5 - No player disrespect

5.1 Do not disrespect or harass any player or staff member. We do not tolerate this behavior - MINERAZE should be kept a safe environment.

5.2 Do not, in any way, threaten the server or other players. This includes death threats, threats of violence, Doxxing, and threats of and/or carrying out a DDOS attack.

Rule 6 - No scamming

6.1 Do not scam other players for money, items, donations, land, or services. Broadly, a scam is considered any dishonest scheme.

6.2 If you come to an agreement with another player, you must follow through with that agreement within the designated time frame. Be clear in your business-related interactions, as well as take videos and screenshots of these interactions and transactions, to avoid any possible issues.

6.3 Do not take advantage of another player’s lack of knowledge in any way for personal gain.

Rule 7 - No abusing donations

7.1 Do not abuse donation rank perks.

7.2 Do not impersonate a staff member or another player using /nick or otherwise and do not use dark, hard to see, colors for your nickname. This is at staff's discretion.

7.3 Do not chargeback donations sent to the server in any way. All chargebacks will result in an instant IP ban, with no ability to appeal or purchase an unban pass. Any issues regarding donations can instead be sent to the staff via a support ticket on the forums.

7.4 Do not attempt to transfer in-game currency or items for a real-life currency of any sort unless the real-life currency purchase is directly through the MINERAZE store. Violation of this will result in a permanent ban for both the buyer and seller.

Rule 8 - Respect town rights

8.1 Do not claim a chunk of land within 100 blocks of another town’s claim. In the event of a dispute due to a violation of this rule, the two town mayors may either come to an agreement, or the rule-breaker will be forced to remove the disputed claim(s) and anything on it.

8.2 Do not remain on someone else’s private land if they have asked you to leave the premises.

8.3 Do not duplicate/mimic a town name. Once a town is created, its name is then reserved. This means if there is a town called "RazeTown" you cannot make a town called "RazeTown2" without explicit permission from the original town's mayor.

8.4 As a mayor, do not scam residents for items, services, or money. The property of a resident is not necessarily the property of the mayor.

8.5 A mayor may post a set of their own town rules, as long as they do not conflict with the server rules.

8.6 Residents who have been inactive for seven days or more may have their locked items such as chests and furnaces removed by a staff member.

Thank you for reading the server rules. These are written for the sole purpose of ensuring that you, as a player, have the best possible experience on MINERAZE. If you are unsatisfied with a rule or think one should be changed or added, you are encouraged to post a suggestion on our Discord.