Patch 5.7 - Eternal

Patch 5.7 - Eternal

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Greetings, adventurers! A blazing new major update has descended upon our realm, introducing the most coveted and potent treasures to date - the Eternal Tier 7 Heirlooms. These legendary relics encompass 5 heirloom items for primary tools, with even more treasures on the horizon, including armor, weapons, and beyond.

🌟 To celebrate the dawn of this monumental update, you can now attain the prestigious ETHEREAL title and ride into battle on a majestic PANDA MOUNT by making a single payment of 30+ EUR until October 2nd!
Panda Mount
Ethereal Title

Eternal Heirlooms πŸ’ͺ

Unlock the unrivaled might of Eternal (Tier 7) heirlooms, imbued with awe-inspiring abilities and bonuses like never before. Find them within the hallowed halls of the Forge in spawn, attainable through the all-new "Eternal Embers" currency. Acquire Eternal Embers by embarking on daring quests and exchanging precious Rubies.

Many more Eternal items are coming later. Here you can get a taste of those already released along with some more additions coming in the future.

Eternal Tier 7 Gear

Acquiring End-Game Heirloom Currency 🌌

Today, several quests receive a thrilling makeover, and fearsome dungeon bosses now carry a rare chance of bestowing rubies and eternal embers.

  • Mythic Crate can now award the new Eternal Ember currency.
  • The opening Titan Crate quest now awards an Eternal Ember, besides the usual Ruby. This quest can still be endlessly completed.
  • The Invasion quest now awards a Ruby besides its usual Moonstone, Shard of Iris, and Heroic Key reward. Can be completed every 3 days.
  • All Dungeon bosses (normal, heroic, and mythic) now have a 5% chance to drop 1x Ruby for one for the players participating in the boss fight. This excludes players leeching or not dealing much damage.
  • All Mythic dungeon bosses now have a 5% chance to drop 1x Eternal Ember one for the players participating in the boss fight. This excludes players leeching or not dealing much damage.
  • Each major event will also have Eternal Embers as a source.

Miscellaneous Changes πŸŽ‰

  • The final Guild Rank infusements can now be used once more per player. This is the Fortune 20, Looting 20, and Unbreakable infusements.
  • Daily Quests now award 50% more money. Specifically, $7.500 per quest instead of $5.000.
  • All spawn one-time quests can now be completed again for the rewards.
  • You can now enter Mythic Dungeons with the $3 million guild rank, instead of the final guild ranks.

Hope you enjoy this update! The Halloween Event is already in development too, and is expected to be released in the middle of October. πŸ”₯πŸ›‘οΈπŸΌ