Merry Christmas! - #23

Merry Christmas! - #23

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Hello, everyone.
On behalf of the whole staff team, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! πŸŽ„

We hope you've had a good time with family, friends, and the people on the server.

Christmas Presents 🎁

And of course, today is the day many of you will receive presents. We have some for you as well!

From now until December 30th, you will be able to loot up to 3 presents in spawn by visiting Santa Claus.

Inside the presents, you'll find many exclusive Christmas Goods and more! You'll not want to miss out on opening them!

The North Pole's Care Packages ⭐

Rumour also has it that additional presents with some sneaky Gingerbread Monsters have been sent from the North Pole. Maybe they will arrive once a certain Polar Bear has been put down. Keep an eye on the skies! :eyes:

Slaying these Empowered Gingerbread Monsters will give everyone between 20-50 Gingerbread Cookies and a chance for a Candy Cane. There are 5 waves with 4 presents per wave each time!

Christmas SaleπŸ›’

A 20% SALE is now active on the store until January 1st. This sale applies to all Christmas goodies such as all the key packages and Santa's Bundle.

Check it out at:

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!