Resource Pack Guide

Joining the server is easy! For optimal experience, you must accept the resource pack. Worry not, it doesn't change the vanilla textures, it only adds texture to all of the hundreds of custom items, monsters, pets, and more!

  1. Once you've opened the game, you must go into the Multiplayer section. Make sure you're on version 1.19.2
  2. Click "Add Server" in the bottom of the Multiplayer list and type in the IP as below: PLAY.MINERAZE.NET also make sure to toggle Server Resource Packs to ENABLED.

3. Once you've done as the text and image shows, press "DONE" and enter the server. It was that easy! Before playing we recommend you also check out the wiki:

Does it still not work despite doing all of this correctly? You can try two things:

1) Deleting everything in your server-resource-packs folder. On Windows you can access this by doing:

  • Open the Windows prompt and type %appdata%
  • Go into the ".minecraft" folder
  • Open the "server-resource-packs" folder and delete everything inside.

2) If that does not work, you can alternatively try deleting MineRaze from your server list, and/or trying to connect through a different IP. It is wildcarded meaning will work. I suggest you try something like

For more help, make a ticket on Discord.