Patch 4.10 - Thanksgiving

Patch 4.10 - Thanksgiving

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Greetings everyone!‌‌ This marks 10 major updates of this season in just 5 months! Today's update is the Thanksgiving update bringing forth a new limited-time event with new exclusive items and tasks to do. Let's get into the update notes.

The Thanksgiving Event is live from today until November 17th, where the event items will become unobtainable. As usual, these rewards can be obtained from playing the event and from the store.

Spend 40+ in a single payment between now and November 17th to unlock this exclusive Baby Turkey Hunter combat pet.
Preview of the Thanksgiving Pet. It will use its gun to shoot your enemies!


Every hour several Turkey Hunters and their minions invade spawn. Defeat them before they slay all the innocent turkeys, and reap the rewards including Silver and Gold Coins which can be spent on many new items. Maybe a certain God will give you a special blessing too!

These invaders have a special weakness - find their weakness, and you will be able to defeat them much easier!


The Turkey Hunters have already managed to slay many innocent turkeys...
Locate all 30 Turkey Heads around spawn and bring them peace.

This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame, where you must locate and right-click the turkey heads.

For every Turkey Head found, you will be awarded some in-game money. If you locate all 30 of them, you will be awarded a larger sum of in-game money and a Thanksgiving Crate.


This event brings several new rewards for you to obtain. They can be found in the Thanksgiving Crate or directly from a new merchant in spawn. Here is a quick rundown of the most notable new rewards:

  • Turkey Hunter's Gun - Divine tiered gun which deals a significant amount of damage.
  • Mushroom Axe - multi-use tool. Has boosters for Woodcutter, Farmer, and Hunter.
  • Viking Shield of Legends - increased attack speed and knockback resistance.
  • Mushroom Pickaxe
  • Mushroom Hoe
  • Mushroom Shovel
  • Turkey Wings
  • Turkey Mask
  • Thanksgiving Hat
  • Mushfriend furniture
  • Cornucopia furniture

Make sure to inspect the items in-game to learn what they can do!

Preview of the Thanksgiving Crate

The Thanksgiving Crate can be earned by completing the event objectives, and also from the store here:

Preview of the Turkey Mask and Turkey Wings.


The 3 players who kill the most turkey monsters in spawn will also be awarded some extra bonuses. The winners will be found as the Thanksgiving Event concludes on the 17th of November. Happy hunting!

1st place: 3000 Crowns
2nd place: 2000 Crowns
3rd place: 1000 Crowns

You can find the leaderboard near the Thanksgiving Merchant, by the large tree in spawn.


Similar to the Halloween event, you will be able to earn Silver and Gold coins to spend on many new event items. If you have leftover coins from Halloween, you will also be able to use those.


  • New Random Teleport system. This should bring fewer situations where it cannot find a valid spot to teleport to.
  • Some cosmetics are now invisible in 1st person, such as the Brown Briefcase and the Patron Briefcase.
  • Updated some models' appearance when dropped on the ground and when listed in a player shop. Notably: Scythe of Helheim, Dagger of the Wicked, and the Halloween backpacks. They now look more appropriate!
  • Updated the Rare versions of the Halloween tools 3D-view to be more appropriate.
  • Job Paychecks are now every 1 minute.
  • Added more than 100 new blocks to the Builder job.

Hope you enjoy this update! The Christmas Event is already in development and is set to release in the first half of December. Stay tuned.