Patch 4.11 - Christmas!

Patch 4.11 - Christmas!

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Greetings, everyone.
It's time for yet another major update - it's time for the annual Christmas Event Update. This is one of the largest events to date and brings content that has not been in any previous event before. Hope you like it! Let's get into the update notes.

The Christmas Event is available until January 2nd. There is also a Build Contest active. Check Discord for more information.


The Settlement of Yule is this year's Christmas event zone. It is a brand-new open-world dungeon map that you can access at any time. To get here, find Santa in spawn and board his sleigh.

Preview of the Settlement of Yule.

Enemies 💀

During the night, the villagers of Yule become corrupt and hostile. You must put them out of their misery to protect the innocent elves! The corruption is the work of a foul creature of Niflheim, with the name of Krampus.

His goal is to put an end to this and every future Christmas. We must stop him! Slay the now-corrupted Elves and Vikings in the village during the night, and slay Krampus once he comes out of the shadows and reveals himself. But be careful, his frost magic is unbeknownst to mortals - he has even corrupted an innocent Polar Bear, find a way to cure it! You will find him outside the settlement, inside the Icy Caverns. Watch out for the Yetis!

Ice Fishing 🎣

Occasionally during daytime in the Settlement of Yule, you'll find Santa's Ice Fishing Tournament. It is near the docks of the settlement, where you arrive. When this tournament is active, your goal is to catch the most fish in the 20-minute period. You will also be able to collect a variety of new Christmas-themed drops that you can sell to the fishing merchant for in-game money.

The 3 players who catch the most fish will earn bonus rewards at the end, including Money, Silver Coins, Gold Coins, and a +100% Fisherman money boost.

Cooking with Mrs. Claus 🍪

Sometimes you may also see a broadcast of the Cooking with Mrs. Claus event. When this is active, you can enter Mrs. Claus' hut near the docks. Speaking to her will give you access to one of the special cooking quests. Complete the cooking objective while in the zone to earn the rewards! But be quick, the quest has a timer and must be completed within that timer.

Present Hunt 🎁

There are a total of 10 presents hidden in the Settlement of Yule. Some of them can easily be found, while others require you to use your brain. They can be found around the place, some at ground level, and some a bit further up... And then there's a couple, you might need to either crawl or do a puzzle to find!

Find all the hidden presents!

The zone has a day/night time rotation. It rotates hourly, meaning 1-hour is daytime, and the next 1-hour is nighttime. This allows you to focus on specific objectives such as present hunting during daytime, without having to worry about being swarmed by hostile monsters.


A total of 16 event quests (including the Cooking with Mrs. Claus) have been added with this event and are available for you to complete. Most of them can be completed daily and are fairly easy in difficulty. They range from breaking snow blocks, farming sugar canes, finding presents, and defending the Settlement of Yule from hostility.

One of the quests even award you with an exclusive Snowman Combat pet!

You can find all the quests in-game, and their rewards, by typing /quests and navigating into the Events Quests Category.


The 3 players who kill the most enemies in the Settlement of Yule will also be awarded some extra bonuses. The winners will be found as the Christmas Event concludes on the 2nd of January. Happy hunting!

1st place: 5000 Crowns + Golden Santa Hat
2nd place: 3000 Crowns + Golden Santa Hat
3rd place: 1500 Crowns + Golden Santa Hat

The Golden Santa Hat is one of many new items in the event. It is the most powerful hat available on the server, as it has +7% for both Jobs Money and Jobs experience!

Preview of the Golden Santa Hat. 


This event brings more new items than any event before! A total of 54 new items have been created for this event. It includes several furniture items, accessories, tools, weapons, and a total of 12-armor pieces!

The items can be found in the Christmas Crate and from the Merchants whom you can find in the Christmas zone, the Settlement of Yule.


The Christmas Crate is a new limited-time crate only available for the duration of this holiday event. Inside you can find most of the items listed above as well as many more. This is one of the best crates ever released on the server and all these items will hold very high value once the event is over and they become unobtainable!

Preview of the Christmas Present Crate.


Similar to the Halloween and Thanksgiving events, you can earn Silver and Gold coins to spend on many new event items. If you have leftover coins from Halloween and Thanksgiving, you will also be able to use those.


And the holiday spirits don’t end here! Later this month starting from December 24th, you will begin to periodically find Christmas Loot Goblins appearing all throughout spawn. Prepare to be the first to find them when they spawn to earn the awesome loot inside!

Likewise, from December 24th until December 27th, you will also be able to loot presents in spawn underneath the big tree! These will have some special rewards for you, so make sure you log in during this period to claim them!

And maybe there'll be something to celebrate the New Year too, but more on that later. Keep your eyes peeled on Discord!

This sums up the main new additions with this month’s update and event. Many other minor changes and additions also were introduced but we encourage you to explore the server and find those, maybe there are a few surprises!