Patch 4.7 - The Halloween Event

Patch 4.7 - The Halloween Event

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Greetings everyone!‌‌ A new major update is now live on the server, bringing forth this year's Halloween Event. This is by far the largest Halloween event ever on the server before, with a massive new open-world dungeon zone, more than a dozen new quests, and more items than any previous event ever! Let's get into the update notes.

The Halloween Event is live from today until November 1st, giving you an entire month to obtain all the new exclusive rewards. As usual, these rewards can be obtained from playing the event and from the store. This time around there are also several cosmetics and end-game tiered items exclusively earned through completing event objectives.

Spending 69+ EUR in a single payment will unlock this brand-new Death Knight combat pet which has several custom abilities!


A brand new event zone - larger than any previous event zone. Venture to the Fallen Kingdom of Northrumbia, a once flourishing and prosperous kingdom, which now lies in ruins as corruption has spread everywhere. Venture with fellow Vikings to conquer these lands, and learn the truth about the corruption before it spreads further. Special thanks to Arto for building the zone!

This zone features many new custom monsters for you to fight, including The Headless Horseman, which is this year's event boss. He will spawn in the zone every 4 hours. There is also a mini-boss that spawns randomly and awards all partakers with a large sum of money.

Preview of the Halloween Boss Area

The zone can be accessed at any time by anyone and has several infinite grind mechanics allowing those who want to grind out all the exclusive event items at your own pace.

The Halloween zone also features a friendly Viking Village where you can interact with several NPCs selling various exclusive event items. Make sure to speak to all the NPCs to see what they are selling!


The primary event currencies are Silver Coins and Gold Coins. These are not the same as the Summer Event ones, but the plan is for these Halloween Silver and Gold Coins to be the standard moving forward. This means if you have leftovers of these coins after Halloween is over, you can save them for future events.


A total of 13 new event quests have been added for this event. They range from simple quests where you have to break some Halloween-related blocks such as pumpkin and rooted dirt.

You will also find several quests taking place in the Halloween Zone, where you must hunt specific monsters and enemies.

You can check out the quests in-game by typing /quests and navigating into the new Event Quests category.

The Global Quest of this month is also Halloween-related, as the objective is to break Pumpkins!


Periodically, you will also see a broadcast in chat that a Treasure Goblin has been spotted in spawn. As their name reveals, slaying these sneaky goblins will bring you good fortune and treasure! They will award the players who find it first with silver and gold. Treasure Goblins appear at random times at random locations of spawn.

Preview of the Treasure Goblin.


Naturally, this Halloween Event also comes with dozens of new exclusive rewards you can earn. It is recommended you preview the items in full in-game on the server either by going to the crates area in spawn and inspecting the Halloween Crate, or by venturing to the Halloween Zone and interacting with all of the merchants.

Preview of some of the accessories.

For the first time, there are also items both intended for newcomers and end-game players. The beginner event items are very easy to obtain and are slightly better than current Rare-tiered Heirlooms.

The End-game gear is Legendary and Divine tiered, and are some of the best items on the server, you'll definitely want to get your hands on some of them!

Here is a quick rundown of the most notable new rewards and items. It is recommended you check them all out in-game at /crates and the Halloween zone.

  • Divine-tiered Daggers (Main Hand & Off-Hand) with special custom abilities.
  • Divine-tiered Staff with special custom abilities.
  • Full set of Legendary-tiered tools with special custom abilities.
  • Full set of Legendary-tiered Armor with special perks.
  • Several Rare-tiered items for newcomers.
  • Several new accessories, furniture items, and miscellaneous items.
Preview of the Halloween furniture items. They can be purchased from one of the merchants in the zone for a cheap price.

Some of these items can be found in crates, while some are exclusive items only earned by playing and completing event objectives. Make sure to visit the Fallen Kingdom of Northrumbia, and interact with all the merchants to preview all of the items.

Here is a video preview of the Daggers of the Wicked abilities!

Preview of the Divine Daggers, Daggers of the Wicked.


The 3 players who kill the most creatures in the Fallen Kingdom of Northrumbia will also be awarded some extra bonuses. The winners will be found as the Halloween Event concludes on the 1st of November. Happy hunting!

1st place: 5000 Crowns
2nd place: 3000 Crowns
3rd place: 1500 Crowns

Check the leaderboard in the Fallen Kingdom of Northrumbia.


A total of 30 Viking Spirits have been hidden throughout spawn. This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame, where you must locate and right-click the spirits.

For every Viking Spirit found you will be awarded some in-game money. If you manage to locate all 30 of them, you will be awarded a larger sum of in-game money and an event key!


Since the release of the last major update, Patch 4.6, several changes and fixes have happened. If you haven’t already, it is recommended you join Discord and check out the #change-log channel for day-to-day updates.

  • Spawn has been decorated for the event. It's now a bit spookier!
  • The server now runs 1.19.2 natively.
  • Increased the MCMMO treefeller threshold.
  • Fixed a variety of minor bugs.

Thank you for your continued support! Development of the next major update is already underway, and the plan is to implement a lot of the community-favored suggestions as well as fix some of the present bugs on the server. Stay tuned.