Patch 4.9 - The Black Market

Patch 4.9 - The Black Market

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Greetings everyone!‌‌ A third major update of October has now been released - Patch 4.9 - The Black Market.

Similar to the recent Patch 4.8, this update focuses primarily on implementing community suggestions based on the recent community survey, and the usual Discord suggestions. Let's get into the changes and additions!


To celebrate this new update, there is currently a 20% OFF sale on all crates and keys. The sale ends on Monday, October 31st. Check it out here:

This is also a reminder that the Halloween Event ends on November 1st when all Halloween items will become unobtainable.


This is a new 'hidden' area in spawn, underneath the Forge building, where you will be able to find valuable custom items - effectively tier 4.5 items.

Many players made it known that the existing Tier 5s from the Forge was not quite up to par with recent event items. This aims to change that. The new Corrupted Dragonscale items should be on par, or better than most of the existing event items and serve as a long-term goal for players to work towards.

The Black Market in spawn, underneath the Forge.

The Black Market will be updated again at the start of 2023 where the Prestige 3 armor, gear, and tools will be released. An exclusive, very expensive, and powerful set for players who manage to reach Prestige 3 in-game.

With these new items, a new system has also made its debut. Account Bound. You will find this on many of the most powerful items from this point forth. As its name reveals, this means the items will be bound to your account.


Many players noted that the top 3 damage rewards haven't been quite as useful as the economy on the server has evolved. This update aims to change that by massively increasing the amount of money earned from being one of the top three damage dealers in an active Dungeon.

The rewards for the top 3 most damage dealers have been significantly increased.
Mythic Dungeons have been doubled.

Normal Dungeons
1st: $75,000
2nd: $50,000
3rd: $30,000

Mythic Dungeons
1st: $200,000
2nd: $150,000
3rd: $100,000


The Builder job has had new blocks added such as:

  • Froglights
  • Bone Block
  • Grass Block
  • All Dirt block variants.


You are now able to find sell boosters to the Vanilla Merchant (Jens) from in-game ranks. If you already have these ranks unlocked, you will have these new perks immediately as you join today. If you haven't yet, you'll unlock them as you reach the rank. These boosters do not stack with each other.

  • 5% Increased sell price at Artisan
  • 10% Increased sell price at Pagan
  • 15% Increased sell price at Skald
  • 20% Increased sell price at Seer


  • Players can now access the /razescan command, previously only used by myself, this gives you information about all entities in the chunk you're currently in.
  • Copper Blocks have been added to the Vanilla Merchant (Jens)
  • The Resource Pack has been updated to fix some texture issues and implement dozens of new models for future updates.
  • The wiki has been updated to be more accurate, thanks to CrabbRangeon for spotting several outdated entries.

Thank you for your continued support! Development of the next major update is already underway - The Thanksgiving Update, which will bring a new mini-event, and more. Check Discord for teasers!