Patch 5.6 - The Botanical Quarry

Patch 5.6 - The Botanical Quarry

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We are thrilled to introduce the next major update. At the heart of this update lies the grand unveiling of a heroic dungeon like no other - the "Botanical Quarry". This new adventure promises not only thrills but also the chance to win incredible rewards for your valor.

The Botanical Quarry: A New Heroic Dungeon ๐ŸŒฟ

Prepare yourselves for an unparalleled adventure as we introduce the Botanical Quarry, the latest addition to our prestigious roster of heroic dungeons.

Awaiting you within its depths are breathtaking landscapes, daunting challenges, and enigmatic adversaries. Embark on a journey of both skill and strategy, conquer the quarry, and unveil the hidden treasures that lie within. Your courage will be handsomely rewarded!

The Botanical Quarry.

Special Quest within the Botanical Quarry ๐Ÿ’Ž

Venture into the depths of the Botanical Quarry and embark on a quest that promises to be extraordinary. Completing this special quest within the quarry not only tests your mettle but also rewards you with a coveted Ruby, a gem of rare value and splendor.

Besides the quest, a new Divine reward is now also available exclusively from the Heroic Dungeon Crate. This is one of the most powerful combat weapons available!

Found in the Heroic Crate.

Minigames ExtravaganzaI ๐ŸŽฎ

In addition to the heroic dungeon, we've elevated the excitement of our existing minigames, ensuring that both fun and rewards are maximized.


  • Emerging victorious in a Spleef match will now earn you a staggering 30,000 in-game currency, a significant increase from the previous 10,000.
  • For those who don't secure victory, worry not - your consolation prize has been amplified to a noteworthy 7,500 in-game currency, compared to the earlier 3,000.

Dance Battles:

  • Triumph on the dance floor and be rewarded with an impressive 20,000 in-game currency, a substantial rise from the previous 5,000.
  • Even in the face of defeat, your efforts will be acknowledged with a respectable 5,000 in-game currency, up from 3,000.

Fishing Challenge:

  • Reel in victory in the Fishing Challenge and seize a substantial reward of 30,000 in-game currency, doubling the previous 15,000 prize.

Dungeon Glory: Crowns and Bragging Rights ๐Ÿ‘‘

For those who conquer the heroic dungeon's challenges, there are crowns to be won, symbolizing your prowess and triumph:


  • Claim the top position in the heroic dungeon and earn 8 crowns besides the current rewards, showcasing your dominance.


  • Elevate your status further by securing the first place in the mythic category, where an astonishing 15 crowns await besides the usual rewards.

Refined Cooldowns for Heroic Dungeons โฐ

To ensure an engaging and rewarding experience, the cooldown for the heroic dungeon has been thoughtfully set to 4 hours. This balance encourages regular interaction with the content while preserving the thrill of overcoming challenges.

Hope you enjoy this update. See you in-game!