Patch 6.3.5 - The Chronoblaster

Patch 6.3.5 - The Chronoblaster

Prepare yourself for the latest addition to the Titan's Crate: the Chronoblaster! This limited-time weapon is unlike anything we've seen before, transforming you into a powerful Mechasuit and unlocking an arsenal of new abilities.

Ability Overview 🤖

Passive - Magical Tinkering

Automatically gain max shield if your current shield isn't full. Stay in the fight longer with this passive ability ensuring you’re always at peak defense.

Basic Attack - Arcane Blast / Arcane Repulsor (Left-click)

  • [Arcane Blast]: Unleash a charged orb of arcane energy that explodes on impact, dealing significant damage to nearby enemies.
  • [Arcane Repulsor] (Arcane Mechasuit Mode): Charge your blaster to release a devastating repulsor beam, ending in a powerful explosion.

Skill 1 - Flamethrower / Arcane Bullets (Right-click)

  • [Flamethrower]: Emit a short-range stream of arcanic flames that continuously burns enemies. Keep the pressure on by holding the skill.
  • [Arcane Bullets] (Arcane Mecha Mode): Rapid-fire arcane bullets with pinpoint accuracy, decimating foes with sustained fire.

Skill 2 - Arcane Turret (Crouch + Crouch)

Construct a turret of pure arcane energy that defends your position. It locks onto enemies and fires piercing bullets, holding your ground effortlessly.

Skill 3 - Engine Glide (Crouch + Right)

Engage your arcane-powered propulsion to glide forward, leaving a trail of searing flames. Perfect for quick escapes or aggressive maneuvers.

Skill 4 - Chrono Cataclysm (Hold Crouch)

Bind a clockwork spell to up to three enemies in your radius. Watch as their time slows to a crawl, culminating in a stunning finish when the clock stops.

Ultimate - Arcane Mecha (Crouch + Left)

Suit up in an arcane mechasuit, radically transforming your abilities:

  • [Arcane Repulsor] and [Arcane Bullets] become your main attacks.
  • Enter flight mode, floating in the air with precision control. Shift to drift through the air, look up to levitate, and look down to glide. Dominate the battlefield from above!

Video Preview 🎬

See the Chronoblaster in action! Check out our video preview here: Watch Now

Don't miss out on this unique and powerful addition to your arsenal. Equip the Chronoblaster and become a force to be reckoned with!