Patch 5.13 - Saint Patrick's Day!

Patch 5.13 - Saint Patrick's Day!

As the emerald hues of Saint Patrick's Day start to paint the world, we are excited to unveil our special event, a celebration steeped in Irish charm and adventurous quests! πŸ€

This event is open to all until March 28th.

🌈 Special Saint Patrick's Promotion

Preview the Shamrock Armor Set! This exclusive combat gear is a limited-time offer, available only to those who spend 200+ EUR during the event.

Don the Shamrock Armor, the pinnacle of combat sets, and stride into battles with unparalleled confidence.

And for those spending 30+, unlock the charming Lucky and Rainbow titles, available until March 28th. Have a look at it below!

Preview of the Shamrock Armor set stats.
Preview of the new titles.

🍯 New Crate and Powerful Items

Embark on a journey of discovery with our new crate, harboring some of the most potent items yet seen in our realms. Unleash the power of these treasures to conquer challenges and adversaries with unparalleled might.

Preview of the Shamrock Crate contents.

πŸ“œ New Quests

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day by undertaking new quests. Each quest forms a part of a short storyline, allowing you to play a crucial role in saving Saint Patrick's Day. Adventure, challenges, and rich rewards await those who answer the call.

πŸ” Treasure Pursuit

Discover the thrill of our Treasure Pursuit! Witness the descent of Gold Pots from the skies every 45 minutes at spawn. Be the swift adventurer to seize the Gold Pot, and reap rewards in the form of coins, currency, and a key that doubles as a quest objective, unlocking a coveted vault slot.

🏦Final Vault Slot

The final vault slot is available to be unlocked from the St. Patrick's Day event - it is unlocked by completing the treasure pursuit quest, which also awards a key.

This is your final chance to get the last unlockable vault slot before it is too late!

πŸ›‘οΈLeprechaun's Lucky Enchantments

All guilds can also get additional guild enchantments this event - and with more power! Unlock up to Fortune 25, Looting 25, and Unbreakable enchants for your items.

πŸ€ New Artifacts

Discover the mystical 'Leprechaun's Lucky Clover,' a new artifact that bestows a massive boost to job earnings. Consume this artifact to enhance your economic prowess!

We invite you to join us in this festive celebration, revel in the joy of the Saint Patrick's Day Event, and uncover the myriad of new content and features awaiting your exploration. May your Saint Patrick's journey be filled with luck, adventure, and memories to cherish. πŸŒˆπŸ€