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Patch 3.13 - Saint Patrick's Day Event is now live! - #28

Patch 3.13 - Saint Patrick's Day Event is now live! - #28

Server IP: play.mineraze.net
Website: https://www.mineraze.net/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/hyrDW4bvHu
Store: https://store.mineraze.net/

Greeting everyone. This year's Saint Patrick's Day event is now live on the server, bringing many new items for you to earn, and more. Let's get into the update notes!


Every hour, a band of Leprechauns will invade the main areas of spawn, threatening to bring havoc to the town. Venture to spawn with other players, and put an end to these sneaky Leprechauns before they can spread their mischief!

Slaying the Leprechauns will award you with a Clover for each kill, which you can turn into Saint Patrick Key's which is used to get many different new items.


A total of 20 Pots of Gold have been hidden throughout spawn. This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame, where you must locate and right-click the Pots of Gold.

Each Pot of Gold found will award you in-game money, and a Clover, which once again, can be turned into keys in spawn.


More than a dozen exclusive Saint Patrick's Day items can be earned from this event including many powerful and awesome accessories. Similar to the Valentine event, these items are vaultable.

You can find the items in-game at /crates


The Saint Patrick's Crate is a new crate only available during the event. In this crate, you can find exclusive cosmetics and other event items.


As always, thanks for playing and supporting the server. There are very big plans for the server this year, and I'll have more to announce in a couple of months. Stay tuned!