The MINERAZE Staff Team

Here you can see the list of current staff members and the primary duties of each staff rank. Want to join the team? Apply for Guide below!

Owner & Developer

‌The server owner and developer is Pacific. He is in charge of every aspect of the server, such as management, backend technical work, and the development of the server and all its updates and bug fixes. If you have any store-related issues then contact Pacific.

You can reach Pacific by joining the server's official Discord at:

Or directly through mail:

Senior Moderators

‌Senior Moderator is given to Moderators who exceed expectations. Their primary function is to ensure the server is being moderated satisfactorily. They are also responsible for hosting community events, train newer recruits, oversee the staff team, and all the responsibilities of the lower moderation ranks.


‌Moderator is given to Helpers who exceed expectations. Their primary function is to ensure that the server is being moderated satisfactorily. This means moderating the chat, locating and punishing cheaters, and more.‌


‌Helper is given to Guides who pass their initial 14-day trial period. They are responsible for moderating the chat and answering questions from players to ensure they have the needed knowledge to play on the server.


‌Guides are the new recruits to the staff team. They have no additional access except their official staff title. Their primary function is to make new players feel welcome and assist players in the chat with any questions they might have.

How do I join the staff team?

Guide Application

‌Want to become a part of the MINERAZE staff team? Please make sure you meet the listed requirements prior to creating an application. Read the directions and follow all listed instructions. Those that do not meet the requirements or do not follow the listed instructions in their applications will not be accepted.

Think you're a good fit? Apply here!