Star Wars Event - #4

Star Wars Event - #4

Greetings everyone! The time has come to venture to another galaxy far, far away. To celebrate May 4th, a Star Wars mini-event is now live on the server until May 17th, giving you a couple of weeks to obtain amazing and exclusive rewards while facing off against Imperial Stormtroopers.


A mysterious figure has appeared in spawn, The Mandalorian. Speaking to him will allow you to travel to another galaxy far, far away, to the forest moon of Endor. Here, you'll be able to help the Rebel Alliance claim a decisive victory against The Empire.

This a new zone where you'll face off against Imperial Stormtroopers who roam around the forests. Be extra careful of the ATATs, as there will be dozens of Imperial Soldiers surrounding those. Killing these Stormtroopers will have a chance to award you with many rewards, such as Foul Ichor, Titansteel Shards, Titansteel Bars, Veiled Crystals, as well as a very rare chance for Star Wars Keys!

This zone can be accessed by anyone, at any time.


Join the Ewoks in their hunt for Imperial Stormtroopers! The top 3 players who kill the most Imperial Stormtroopers during the event will earn bonus rewards when the event concludes.

1st place: Pristine Heirloom Cache
2nd place: Legendary Heirloom Cache
3rd place: Epic Heirloom Cache

Check the leaderboard by typing /empire while in spawn.
Happy hunting!


Two new event quests have been added for you to complete. They can be found in the Miscellaneous quest category.

One of the quests can be repeated every 20 hours and will award you with Heirloom currency, and money. The second quest can be completed once and will award you with a Star Wars Crate Key, which can be used to unlock many powerful items and exclusive cosmetics.


Twenty exclusive Star Wars items can be earned from this event. Includes several cosmetic wearables such as a Mandalorian Helmet, Darth Vader Helmet, R2-D2 Pet, Baby Yoda Pet, Ewok Pet, and much more. You can preview all the items by speaking to the Mandalorian in spawn.


The Star Wars Crate is a new crate only available during the event. In this crate, you can find exclusive cosmetics and other event items.

> You can earn Star Wars Keys from playing the event.

May the force be with you all!