Patch 3.1 - Summer Event - #8

Patch 3.1 - Summer Event - #8

Greetings everyone! The Summer Event has just kicked off and will be available on the server until Wednesday, July 28th, giving you a couple of weeks to obtain amazing and exclusive rewards.

Assist Scuba Steve by completing a variety of different event quests. This summer event features a total of 6 unique quests, rewarding you with exclusive summer items, crystals, and more. The objectives range from simple fishing quests to collecting rare artifacts from the Caverns of Atlantis itself.

You can find the Quests in-game by typing /quests and clicking the Miscellaneous quest category.

Find Beach Balls in spawn to earn some bonus event rewards. This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame, where you must locate all the hidden Beach Balls.

Once you have found all 40 Beach Balls throughout the spawn map, you will be awarded event currency and a Summer Key to spend on exclusive rewards.

The first Beach Ball can be found in the summer area (/summer) along with additional information.

For the duration of this event, there's also a brand new Summer Crate available containing many exclusive cosmetics, tools, and items. This includes:

  • Epic tiered Silktouch Pickaxe
  • Epic tiered Silktouch Shovel
  • Epic tiered Silktouch Axe
  • Turtle Hat
  • Pineapple Hat
  • Watermelon Hat
  • Sun Umbrella Furniture
  • Mushfriend Furniture
  • Solstice cosmetic title
  • And much more!
Keys to this crate can be earned in-game by completeing objectives, and from the store:

Through the week some other notable changes have happened including:

  • Fixed Red world incorrectly having different settings than all other worlds.
  • Updated spawn richest player's leaderboard to show formatted balance instead.
  • Reduced the size of Shield of Supremacy in first person
  • Updated the in-game discord link to the vanity URL.
  • Disguises are now available again.
  • Particles are now available again.
  • Fixed steak not being a part of the Cook job in the Red world.
  • Custom modeled NPCs and Dungeon Monsters are now available again.
  • Fixed redstone limit not applying.
  • Updated pricing of Crowns Merchant to match the online store.
  • Updated Crowns Merchant with RGB colors.
  • Added all Global Boosters to the Crowns Merchant.
  • Added Town Bonus to the Crowns Merchant.
  • Introduction of the 'Cloaked Conspirator' system, allowing you to switch God.