The Shrieking Sewers - #2

The Shrieking Sewers - #2

Greetings everyone! A new update has now been released onto the server with new content and changes. Hope you enjoy it! Next weekend, the Easter Event is also releasing with even more new content for you to explore!

NEW DUNGEON: The Shrieking Sewers

This update introduces a brand-new dungeon. The Shrieking Sewers. Inside this new dungeon, you’ll find a variety of new custom monsters, and the infamous Slime God, which is the boss of this new adventure. Defeating him will be no easy feat, and rumors have it that his body is rigged with explosives. Tread carefully, and make sure you follow the Sewer Mage’s advice to stay alive!

Lore: Underneath the once-prosperous city of Mystras lies the Shrieking Sewers. Deemed lost to the ages, but recently rediscovered, these sewers now inhabit some of the vilest creatures in the realm. Enter the sewers, meet the mysterious wizard who uncovered this calamity, and defeat the vile creatures before they once again roam the lands of men.

Objective: Venture to the Shrieking Sewers, and defeat the vile creatures before it is too late.

  • Explore the Sewers with other players and eliminate the vile creatures.
  • Defeat 300 creatures to summon The Slime God.
  • Defeat The Slime God.


And with this brand-new dungeon adventure also comes a brand-new Dungeon Armor set. This armor set is one of the strongest armor sets on the server and will help you greatly with conquering all the dungeons, and future currently unannounced player-vs-enemy content! This new armor set also includes a unique texture. Have a look at it below!


Two new custom enchantments have also been introduced with today's update.
They can be found on the new Dungeon Gear.

Evasion: Chance to ignore incoming damage.
Extinguishing: Chance to remove fire when taking fire damage


- Significantly increased the random world teleportation radius.
- Reduced the cooldown on random world teleportation to 30 seconds. (was 5 minutes)
- The ‘Forgotten Temple’ dungeon now requires 300 kills for the boss to spawn (was 400)
- The ‘Tomb of Vrykolakas’ dungeon now requires 300 kills for the boss to spawn (was 250)
- Increased the mob spawn rates in the Peak of Olympus dungeon by 25 percent.
- New Dungeon Quest for The Shrieking Sewers.
- Updated the /enchants menu.