Do you need assistance from staff? Have you found a bug on the server? You can report those in the #support channel on Discord. To avoid less back-and-forth talk in the ticket, you can vastly increase the ticket completion time by ensuring you put all of the required information. We try to respond to all tickets within 48 hours, but if your ticket does not have much information, this will likely be much longer.

You can view a list of common issues below, and what information is required.

Rule of Thumb: The more information your ticket has, the faster it will be resolved.

Found a bug on the server?

Describe the issue. What happens, and how is it unintended? How can the bug be replicated? If you attach either a screenshot or a recording showing the bug, the ticket will be completed much faster. Also, include which gamemode it happens on. Survival or Skyblock?

Make sure the bug is not already listed in the Discord #bug-tracker channel.

Need locked containers removed on Survival?

Post the world and coordinates to all the containers you wish to be removed. A Senior Moderator will do it as soon as possible, if the player has been inactive for more than 7 days, and is in a town that you are either an Elder or Chieftain of.

Lost an item due to a bug?

If you've lost an item due to a bug on the server, you might be able to have it refunded. Describe what led to the item disappearing, and how it is the server's fault. Also, include which gamemode it happens on. Survival or Skyblock?
We will not refund any items lost due to player mistakes under any circumstance.

Custom Title Request

Are you Aesir on Survival, or Warden on Skyblock and want your own custom-designed title? You can generate one easily here: https://rgb.birdflop.com/ and then paste the code in the ticket and a Senior Moderator will apply it to you as soon as possible.

There are a few limitations you must be aware of:

  • No double-titles (single world titles only)
  • No hard-to-see colors such as black or dark blue.
  • No bad words such as NSFW, drug references, or similar.
  • No "spammy" titles such as REEEEE.
  • Only text-based titles are allowed.