Patch 3.12 - Valentine Event - #27

Patch 3.12 -  Valentine Event - #27

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Greetings! I am excited to announce that the Valentine Update is now live on the server.


Every hour, Cupid invites all online players to challenge his beast in the spawn Colosseum. Defeating his challenge will award everyone with Heart Cookies, which is the Valentine event currency. The currency can be spent on Valentine Keys, which has many unique and powerful items and cosmetics.

All events from this point forth now also have the perk of being vaultable. This means they can be transferred cross-server seasons. This starts with the Valentine items, but every future event item will have this too, including the Saint Patrick's Day event, which will begin already next month. This makes the event items extra special and valuable!


Find Chocolate Heads in spawn and earn rewards. This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame, where you locate hidden Chocolate. Once you have found all 20 Chocolate, you will be awarded Heart Cookies and in-game money, which you can spend on Valentine rewards.


More than a dozen exclusive Valentine items can be earned from this event including many powerful and awesome accessories.

You can find the items in-game at /valentine


The Valentine Crate is a new crate only available during the event. In this crate, you can find exclusive cosmetics and other event items.

As always, thanks for playing on the server and supporting it. There are big plans for the server this year, and I cannot wait to share more in the coming months!