Patch 5.10 - Yuletide Wonder

Patch 5.10 - Yuletide Wonder

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Greetings, adventurers! 🎄🌟
As the winter chill sets in and the world is blanketed in a coat of snow, we invite you to immerse yourself in the festive spirit with this year's Christmas Event! The Christmas Event is now live until January 2nd, 2024.

Let's get into the update notes!

🏰 New Christmas Spawn

Behold the transformation of our spawn area into a captivating Christmas spectacle! Each corner is festooned with festive decorations, creating an immersive holiday experience that will warm your heart and spark your festive spirit.

🏗️ Christmas Building Contest

Unleash your festive creativity in our Christmas Build Contest! For full details and rules, head over to our Discord channel. This is your chance to show off your holiday-inspired designs and creations.

See more on Discord. Click me.

🎄 Santa's Challenge

Face off against Santa Claus himself! Every 4 hours, in Stormheim at the frozen ice area near the magnificent tree, challenge Santa and claim your victory for exciting rewards like event currency and job boosters.

Preview of the new Santa boss.

🎅 Settlement of Yule

Return to the beloved Christmas Zone from last year! Save Christmas from the endless creatures and corrupt forces that lurk within, and reap the rewards for your bravery and skill. This is an open-world dungeon active for the entire event.

Access the zone by visiting Santa Claus in his new house in Stormheim (spawn), and use his Sleigh to fly there!

🎁 Present Rain

At random intervals, witness a delightful Present Rain within the Stormheim Village. Presents will descend from the skies, each containing surprises such as coins and in-game money. As Christmas approaches, the frequency of these magical downpours will joyfully increase, bringing more chances for rewards!

🚀 New Quests

Embark on a festive adventure with more than 20 new quests! Each quest is a unique journey, offering event currency, money, and exclusive rewards. Highlights include a quest that unlocks the coveted Christmas Vault slot, along with a treasure trove of new cosmetics.

💬 Chat Races

Our chat races have taken on a festive twist! Dive into Christmas-themed questions, scrambles, and races, and earn bonus rewards such as Silver Coins for showcasing your holiday knowledge and quick reflexes. These happen routinely along with the usual chat races and questions.

🛡️ New Heirlooms

This update introduces a variety of new heirlooms, including three distinct armor sets with their own unique perks and boosts. Explore the Santa Outfit, Arctic Warden armor, Elf Armor, and a range of new tools and weapons. A standout addition is the Shears, allowing you to find apples and wool when harvesting leaves.

🎩 New Cosmetics

Dress up for the season with a range of new cosmetics, including furniture, titles, pins, hats, and the spectacular Sleigh Flying Mount. And for those who've always wanted to play Santa, the Santa Boss costume is here, allowing you to transform into Santa Claus himself!

Preview of some of the cosmetics. (many more to see in-game!)

And this year's new Santa's Sleigh Mount in full glory!

🔒 New Crate

Discover the treasures within our new Christmas crate, overflowing with exclusive and limited-time items. Earn keys to this chest of wonders by participating in the event and through purchases in our store.

Preview of the new Christmas crate.

✨ Silk's Embrace

A special elf has mastered the enchanting art of Silk Touch, ready to bestow this magical ability upon your tools. Find him near by the Christmas area to infuse your tools.

🔄 Permanent Additions

These festive features are not just for the holiday season; they are permanent additions to our server, enriching your experience long after the event concludes.

📆 Weekly Quests

Responding to community feedback from our Discord poll, we've improved our weekly quests. They now offer a new satchel as a reward, containing random amounts of Shards of Iris, a Crimson Ruby, or an Eternal Ember. The quest difficulty has been adjusted to match these new, exciting rewards. Rule of thumb: All quests have been doubled in difficulty except for some, such as the woodcutting ones, that were already difficult.

The updated weeklies are available with the next weekly quest refresh.

🔄 Rotateable Furniture

A new quality-of-life addition: Christmas furniture can now be rotated simply by right-clicking them when they are already placed. This feature will soon be extended to all existing furniture items.

🔜 More to Come!

The festivities don't end here. Stay tuned for Christmas Event part 2, arriving later this month with even more additions, including a scavenger hunt, free presents, and a plethora of surprises.

We're delighted to share this festive season with you and hope you enjoy all the new content and features of our Christmas Event. Your participation and support mean the world to us. Happy Holidays, and may your adventures be filled with joy, wonder, and all the magic this season has to offer! 🎅🎉🎁