Easter Update - #3

Easter Update - #3

Greetings everyone! It's time for the annual Easter Event! The event is live on the server from now until April 26th, giving you several weeks to obtain the rewards you most desire! Let's hop straight into the update notes!


An ancient foe has once again returned to the realms of MINERAZE. The Buckrider, and once again, the brave heroes of the server must put an end to him before his infection spreads all across the realm.
Thousands of innocent bunnies have already been infected and must be put down to contain the spread.

Every four hours, five waves of Infected creatures appear in spawn. Defeat them, and The Buckrider arrives in spawn to avenge them. Defeating the Infected Creatures has a chance to drop colored eggs (Lime/Pink), which can be exchanged into the main event currency, Golden Eggs, at the Easter location (/warp easter).


The top 3 players who kill the most Infected Creatures in spawn during the event will earn bonus rewards when the event concludes.

1st place: 2500 Crowns (25 EUR)
2nd place: 1500 Crowns (15 EUR)
3rd place: 1000 Crowns (10 EUR)

Check the leaderboard by typing /bunny while in spawn.
Happy hunting!


What would Easter be without a Grand Egg Hunt? This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame.
Find all 25 hidden Easter Baskets in spawn to earn additional event currency and rewards.

The first Easter Basket can be found at the Easter area (/warp easter) along with additional information.


Five new event quests have been added for you to complete. They can be found in the Miscellaneous quest category.

Three of the quests can be repeated every 20 hours, and reward the event's main currency, Golden Eggs.
The remaining two quests can only be completed once, and are considered more 'hardcore'. They both reward an Easter Crate Key.


More than a dozen exclusive Easter items can be earned from this event. Includes several cosmetic wearables such as a Chick Hat, Easter Basket, Bunny Ears, and more.

A new exclusive Easter event furniture is also available, as well as many powerful items and tools.


The Easter Crate is a new crate only available during the event. In this crate, you can find exclusive cosmetics and other event items.

> You can earn Easter Keys from playing the event, and by clicking here.


One new custom enchantment has been added with this update. You can find this enchantment on the Easter Boots.

- Spring (Leap forward like a bunny!)


We are hosting the first Build Competition of season 2! The event will be a solo competition meaning teaming will not be allowed. The event will conclude in about 3 weeks. This means you have from April 3rd until April 24th to think, build, and perfect your project!

You can find all the details about the build competition on Discord in the #events channel. Click here to join the Discord.


Through the week some other notable changes have happened including:

- Reduced the Slime God's health by 20 percent.
- Reduced the Sewer Slime's health by 33 percent.
- Increased the Slime God's size by 50 percent. It's now even bigger!
- New furniture system implemented. This will be used for all furniture models from this point forth. You no longer need Primordial rank to hide the itemframes for furniture, it's now all done automatically as soon as you place a furniture item.
- Spawn has been decorated for Easter. Credits to Naedia for the decorations!