A Jolly Christmas!

A Jolly Christmas!

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Greetings, everyone!
A new update is now available which comes with additions for both Skyblock and Survival. Let's get into the update notes!

Christmas Event Part 2 🎅

The final additions to the Christmas Event are here! Every so often, you will now be able to find a Christmas Treasure Goblin in the Survival and Skyblock spawns. Defeating the Goblin will award all partakers with in-game currency!

Preview of the Christmas Loot Goblin.

There will be a broadcast in chat when he is spotted by the guards! Oh, and also keep an eye out for the updated Quiz Race! It has been decked out with many new Christmas-related trivia questions. Can you figure them out?

Christmas Presents 🎁

Starting from the 24th of December until the 27th of December, you will be able to loot up to 2 presents on both Survival and Skyblock. These presents will have some awesome rewards for you to claim! You can find the presents underneath the Christmas Trees in the Survival and Skyblock spawn.

Skyblock Exclusive Updates ⛅

A new update for Skyblock is also here, bringing forth new requested additions. Such as:

  • There are three new Hopper Upgrades for your island, going all the way up to a  total of 1000  hoppers.
  • There is one new Generator level, allowing you to find increased Diamond and Emerald Ores - and even Ancient Debris!
  • You can now exchange lower-end keys for higher ends keys at the Jewelry Exchanger. Vote --> Ancient --> Titan.
  • Fisher Worker no longer autosmelts the fish, allowing you to use it in the Cook job.
  • Races now award $10,000 instead of $2,000.
  • Phantoms are now part of the Hunter job.

Other changes since Skyblock release 🔖

Since Skyblock was released last Saturday, there's been a variety of other changes including:

  • Added Wheat, Soul Soil, Soul Sand, Quartz, Amethyst, Glowstone and Mycelium to the vanilla item merchant.
  • Added Iron, Gold, Redstone, and Emerald Blocks as stackable for island worth.
  • Added all Mineral blocks to the vanilla merchant.
  • Added /back command for Warden rank.
  • Adjustments were made to some Jobs which were overpaying due to a bug.
  • Coop can now shear animals.
  • Excavation skill can now be leveled with snow. Make a snow golem on your island.
  • Jobs now pay for auto-smelters and auto-brewers.
  • Repair Cogs can be crafted in the Forge.
  • Updated Wiki to show details of Worker upgrade levels.
  • Fixed bug decreasing island level.
  • Fixed scavenger not having access to /qs supercreate
  • Fixed in-game island generator showing incorrect values
  • Fixed Fertilizers not working on Saplings.
  • Fixed Cobblestone not counting towards Artifacts.
  • Fixed Coal and Gold ore paying less than Cobblestone from Miner job.
  • Fixed being unable to trade up Tier 1 boots to Tier 2 boots.

Thank you for your continued support - more updates are coming. And as always, if you have any suggestions, post them on the Discord!