Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

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Hello, everyone!
The next update is here which includes a new event for both Survival and Skyblock, the Lunar New Year Event. A few exclusive additions to Skyblock have also made their way into this update. Let's get into the update notes!


Starting now until February 2nd, the Lunar New Year Event is active. As a special promotion during this event, you can earn the Jade and Red Celestial Dragon pets by spending 80+ EUR in a single payment.

You can also unlock the Purple Celestial Dragon in-game from one of the quests!

As usual, once the event concludes the Event items and Pets will become unobtainable. All rewards can be earned from playing the event!


Every hour, the spawn will be invaded by Celestial Dragons, roaming from the skies. Defeat them quickly before all hope is lost! The Dragons appear in waves and will be active for 15 minutes every hour.

Defeating the Celestial Dragons have a chance to give Silver Coins and other currency, as well as progress for two event quests with exclusive rewards.


3 new event quests are available for you to complete. One can be completed daily, whereas the other three can only be completed once. Defeat Celestial Dragons and earn yourself some extra quest rewards!

You can find the event quests by typing /quests and navigating into the Events Category.


The Celestial Dragons have laid many eggs throughout both spawns! We must find all 20 of them before they hatch.

This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame, where you must locate and right-click the celestial dragon eggs.

For every Celestial Dragon Egg found, you will be awarded some in-game money. If you locate all 20 of them, you will be awarded a larger sum of in-game money and a Lunar Crate Key.


This event brings several new rewards for you to obtain. They can be found in the Lunar Crate or directly from a new merchant in spawn. Have a look at some previews below. Make sure to check it out in-game too! These are the most powerful items ever released on both realms!

Preview of the Lunar Crate.
Preview of Lunar Armor Set.


Similar to recent events, you will be able to earn Silver and Gold coins to spend on many new event items. If you have leftover coins from Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will also be able to use those.

This sums up the new additions for the Lunar New Year event, available on both Survival and Skyblock!


Let's get into the Skyblock-specific updates!


The first 2 levels of Prestige are now available on Skyblock for you to earn. They come with new exclusive perks and benefits!

Prestiging is a system designed for end-game players who enjoy grinding for additional perks and cosmetics. Once you reach the maximum in-game rank of God, this feature becomes available to you. If you opt for Prestige, you will be set back to the default rank - Mortal. This means you temporarily forfeit all rank perks from Mortal to God - but you immediately unlock the Prestige level perks. You will then have to work your way back up to God.

You can find all the perks in-game by typing /prestige


The rewards for multiple systems have been updated to better reflect the current economy. Specifically:

Fishing Contest

  • First place now awards $75,000 + 1x Veiled Crystal (was $20,0000)
  • Second place now awards $50,000 (was $15,000)
  • Third place now awards $20,000 (was $10,000)

Daily Quest Streak

  • Streak: 10 - now awards $25,000 (was $5,000)
  • Streak: 20 - now awards $50,000 (was $10,000)
  • Streak: 30 - now awards $100,000 (was $25,000)
  • Streak: 50 - now awards $250,000 (was $50,000)
  • Streak: 100 - now awards $500,000 (was $100,000)


  • Voting now awards $2,000 per vote (was $500)

Oh, and as a final note, Pets are now available on Skyblock as well!

That was all for today’s update! Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more updates information, and for sneak peeks, join the server Discord with the link above!