Patch 5.11 - Lunar New Year

Patch 5.11 - Lunar New Year

Greetings, adventurers!
As the moon waxes and the festivities of the Lunar New Year unfold, we invite you to partake in our mesmerizing Lunar New Year Event, a time of wonder, excitement, and celestial surprises!


This event is a tapestry of vibrant traditions and mystical charm, available to all until February 2nd. Embrace the spirit of the Lunar New Year and embark on a journey filled with unique challenges and rewards.

Special Lunar Promotion šŸŒŸ

Secure exclusive Lunar titles - Zodiac, Moonbeam and Jade.

Here's the deal: make a single purchase of 30+ EUR to earn ALL these titles.
And there's more! Spend 100+ EUR in one go, and you'll unlock the spectacular Jade, Red, and Purple Celestial Dragon combat pets.

Remember, once the event wraps up, these event goods will no longer be available.

Celestial Dragon Challenge šŸ²

The skies above our world are now home to the formidable Celestial Dragons. These mystical creatures, appearing hourly, offer a thrilling challenge. Should you rise to the occasion and defeat them, you'll uncover Silver Coins and other rare currencies. But that's not all - you'll also progress in our special event quests, which hold even more enticing rewards.

New Lunar Exclusives šŸŒ•

Our Lunar New Year celebration brings with it an array of bespoke items, meticulously crafted to enhance your adventure. Dive into a trove of new tools, cosmetics, and celestial-inspired furniture, each imbued with unique properties and powers. Whether you seek to vanquish your foes with might or adorn your realm with the elegance of the stars, our Lunar New Year collection has something for everyone.

šŸŒ™ Lunar New Year Decor

We hope you revel in the splendors of the Lunar New Year Event and enjoy the array of new content and features we've introduced. Wishing you a prosperous Lunar New Year as you embark on quests, conquer challenges, and uncover the mysteries of our celestial celebration.

Here is a look at the Lunar furniture!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and thank you for being an integral part of our community!