Patch 3.10 - Minecraft 1.18 Update & more! - #22

Patch 3.10 - Minecraft 1.18 Update & more! - #22

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Hello, everyone. Yesterday saw the release of Minecraft 1.18 on the server along with a beautiful new world running the new 1.18 biome and caves generation. Hope you enjoy this new major update!

Minecraft 1.18.1 ⛰️

The server has now been fully updated to the latest Minecraft version, 1.18.1. This means all the new features from this Mojang update are now available on the server including the brand-new biomes and cave generation.

With this update, a new survival world has also been added. You can access it in-game by typing /pink. The spawn teleportation menu will be updated soon and have this new world added to it.

The Resource World will also be switched to 1.18 generation later this month, and will therefore have thousands of new minerals and materials for you to collect.

Minecraft 1.18 has brought lots of new additions. I recommend you read about them all here:

Fishing Contest Update 🐟

The Fishing Contests have seen an update on the server bringing new win conditions and many new types of fish to catch. Every time a contest is active, the server will now randomly select between one of three different win conditions.

The three win conditions are now:

(1) - Most Fish Caught
(2) - The first player to catch a specific fish
(3) - Player who catches the largest fish

The Fishing Arbiter now also has a 'Sell All' button which will make it much faster for you to quickly sell all the fish you've caught during the contest.

And finally, for the remainder of the Christmas Event, there are also some special Christmas prizes to be earned from the fishing contests. You'll be able to find a variety of different Christmas items and fish, which can be turned into a large amount of in-game money.

Other changes 📖

The following other changes have also happened with today's update:

  • Resource World now has hostile monsters spawning on easy difficulty.
  • All existing worlds have had their underground expanded. It now goes down to y=64 instead of y=0, meaning where they were previous bedrock in all worlds, you can now find many new unexplored caves and minerals.

Later this week…

And the holiday spirits don’t end here! Later this week starting from December 25th, you will begin to periodically see Flying Presents appearing all throughout spawn. Prepare your bow, and shoot them down to earn additional event items. But be careful, rumor has it that some sneaky Gingerbread Monsters have hidden in the presents, so be prepared to defeat them.

Likewise, from December 25th until December 30th, you will also be able to loot up to three presents in spawn by speaking to Santa Claus. These will have some special rewards for you, so make sure you log in during this period to claim them!

And maybe there'll be something to celebrate the New Year too, but more on that later. Keep your eyes peeled on the Discord!

Thank you as always, for being part of the community. Happy holidays!