Patch 3.3 - Prestige & Accessories - #12

Patch 3.3 - Prestige & Accessories - #12

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Greetings everyone! I'm excited to introduce you to the third major update of this new Season: Patch 3.3 - Prestige & Accessories.

With today's update comes the introduction of the Prestige system, revamped Cosmetics system (now known as Accessories), and more.

⭐ New feature: Prestige

Prestiging is a system designed for end-game players who enjoy grinding for additional perks and cosmetics. Once you reach the maximum in-game rank of Pristine, this feature becomes available to you.

If you opt for Prestige, you will be set back to the default rank - Mortal. This means you temporarily forfeit all rank perks from Mortal to Pristine - but you immediately unlock the Prestige level perks.

You will then have to work your way back up to Pristine, where you then can optionally progress through the next Prestige Level to earn further rewards and new perks.

With today’s update, the first prestige level is now obtainable. The Prestige Level 2 and 3 will be unlocked in future updates. Currently, the plan is for level 2 to be available in September and level 3 to be available in November.

You can find all the perks in-game by typing /prestige. More perks will also be added to the Prestige levels in the future.

🎩 New feature: Accessories

The custom cosmetic system has been re-coded with this update. They are now called Accessories.

Accessory items have power bonuses attached to them which will make them more worthwhile to obtain. The bonuses found on the accessory depend on the item rarity and tier. This means accessories found from future events as well as hardcore dungeon will have a bigger bonus than traditional accessories that are easy to earn.

If you have a Cosmetic Key, you can exchange it into an Accessory Key for free by typing /exchange in spawn.

Quick facts

  • All accessory helmets have +4 Armor making them viable to use in Dungeons.
  • All accessory off-hand items (wings, suitcase, etc) have a +2% Movement Speed bonus
  • Pristine accessory helmets:  +3% Artifact Boost +3% Jobs Money +3% Jobs XP
  • Legendary accessory helmets: +2% Artifact Boost +1% Jobs Money + 1% Jobs XP
  • Epic accessory helmets: +2% Artifact Boost
  • Rare accessory helmets: +1% Artifact Boost
Important to note: These Jobs boosters found on accessories will not show up in the /jobs bonus command. This is because these boosters are applied through the custom boost system which also runs the global boosters - and not from the internal Jobs plugin.

As always, all of these accessories are permanent once added to your /wardrobe. With today's update this now also includes the Mask of the Sun King and the new Helm of Domination (see below). If you earn it, you'll have the accessories and their powers forever!

Helm of Domination

This is a new Helmet accessory added with today’s update. Become the Lich King and control the damned with this powerful helmet. Wearing this will give you the following stats:

  • +3% Artifacts
  • +3% Jobs Money
  • +3% Jobs XP
  • +4 Armor

This Helmet can be obtained from the Titan Crate.

🏠 Towns

Today’s update also brings new additions to the Towns System.

· You can now make your town spawn public. This means anyone can teleport to it.

- Type /town publicspawn to make your town public. This enables anyone on the server to type /town spawn (name) to teleport to your town spawn location.

· Added Town Bios. You can now give a bio with information about your town.

- Type /town bio (text) to set a bio. This can be seen by anyone with /town info.

· Several bug fixes, optimizations and performance improvements.

Soon a new Town Flags system will also be released. This will allow you to customize your town more with settings such as toggling mob spawning, mob griefing, public build access, public container access, and more!

📚 Other changes

  • Hats and Wings are now in their own separate menu. This should be easier to find the accessory you want.
  • There is now a filter button. You can filter between viewing all accessories, unlocked accessories, and locked accessories.
  • The menu now uses more custom models for buttons such as next page, back page, filter, unequip, etc.
  • Fixed issue with cosmetics (now accessories) sometimes getting stuck in inventory.
  • Fixed issue where locked cosmetics (now accessories) could be placed on itemframes
  • Artifacts from fishing are now every 120 fish (without boosters). This makes it more balanced with the block and mob kill objectives.
  • The Monocole Top Hat now has a new model without clipping issues.
  • New command: /wardrobe
  • Jobs money cap has been raised to $500,000 per hour.

That's all for now folks! Hope you enjoy this update. Later this month, another major update will also be released with many new artifacts and more.

Stay tuned!