Patch 3.4 - Tiki Time & Hall of Fame - #13

Patch 3.4 - Tiki Time & Hall of Fame - #13

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Howdy, everyone! Today a new major update has been released, Patch 3.4 - Tiki Time & Hall of Fame. This update brings a new limited edition crate with many new unique items, as well as a brand-new Hall of Fame.

To kick off this new crate, there's also a banging 20% OFF sale on all Tiki Keys in the store, available until August 26th. Use this to get the awesome new items at a discounted price!

Find Tiki Keys here:πŸ‘‰

Tiki Time 🍹

Until August 31st, a brand-new crate is available for you to purchase. This crate contains some of the most powerful event items yet, and also features some of the coolest looking 3D models ever seen on the server before! You can inspect the crate by typing /tiki in-game.

In the crate, you'll find many different items such as:

  • Special Legendary-tiered Pickaxe
  • Special Legendary-tiered Shovel
  • Special Legendary-tiered Fishing Rod
  • Special Legendary-tiered Sword
  • Special Legendary-tiered Bow
  • Special Legendary-tiered Shield
  • Special Legendary-tiered Accessory Β Tiki Mask with boosters
  • Soecuak Pristine-tiered Accessory Enhanced Tiki Mask with boosters (has animations!)
  • Tiki Torch furniture
  • Block Tracker Consumable (more information below)
  • Blessing of Hermes (personal artifact boosts!)
  • And more!

The Block Tracker consumable is a new item that allows you to put a tracker on your desired tool. This will then count all the blocks you break with the tool and showcase them in the item description. If you get your hands on a tracker, simply drag and drop it onto the desired tool and it will apply and begin counting your blocks broken.

Tiki Quest πŸ—ΊοΈ

There is also a special quest available until August 31st. Completing this quest will award you with a free Tiki Crate Key. The objective is to slay the Voodoo Goblins inside The Forgotten Temple dungeon. You can find the quest in the miscellaneous category in spawn with /quest.

Preview of some of the items found in the Tiki Crate

Hall of Fame πŸ†

Today's update also opens the new Hall of Fame building in spawn. You can find it near the spawn point just by turning around. Special thanks to Naedia for helping build this new structure!

Inside this new Hall of Fame building, you'll find many leaderboards such as top players for all parkour maps, the richest players in terms of in-game money and crowns, the top 5 monthly supporters of the server, the top 5 most active players, and more.

There is also a new hall dedicated solely to legacy event crates. This means if you have a Summer Key you didn't get to use during the previous event, you can always visit the Hall of Keys to open it. All event crates will be added to this hall as they conclude, allowing you to always preview and look back on past event items, and open the legacy crates if you still have a key for them.

And finally, at the back of the Hall of Fame building, you'll also find two rooms with statues. You can get a statue of yourself in these rooms by reaching either Prestige 3 or the Patron rank. If you reach this milestone, your statue will be inside these halls permanently even in future seasons. This is a new perk for both Patron and Prestige, allowing you to leave a permanent mark in the MINERAZE history!

Other Notable Changes πŸ“š

Other notable changes have also happened throughout the week and today including:

  • Primordial players now have access to a special Discord channel with monthly giveaways.
  • Path of God talents menu now remains open when applying talents.
  • Ghast Tears are now a part of the Fisherman job.
  • Golden Carrots & Golden Apples are now a part of the Cook job.

As always, thanks for supporting the server. Another major update, Patch 3.5 - The Miscellaneous Update, is also nearing its completion and is scheduled to release within a few weeks, bringing many new artifacts, quests, queue system for global boosts, new ways to spend crystals, and more. Stay tuned!