Patch 3.6 - The Halloween Update - #16

Patch 3.6 - The Halloween Update - #16

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Greetings, everyone! Today debuts a new major update to the server including both a limited-time Halloween event, as well as new permanent additions to the server. Let's get into the news!

Halloween Event πŸŽƒ

From now until November 2nd, a new event is active with many new rewards to earn as well as new content for you to explore. As always, there is also a brand new crate available that can be earned both from playing and from the store.

Spending 40+ in a single payment will also unlock a brand-new cosmetic Banshee Pet. You can see a preview of this pet below.
Banshee Pet

Defending Spawn βš”οΈ

This is a new game-mode only available for the duration of this Halloween special. Every 4 hours a variety of different monsters will be invading spawn, and it is up to you to defend the spawn and nullify the threat.

Each wave has a different difficulty, with wave 1 being the easiest and the final wave having significantly stronger monsters to overcome. As soon as a total 0f 300 monsters have been slain, The Headless Horseman will appear inside the Colosseum which is the final battle of this new game-mode. PvP will of course be disabled inside the Colosseum when the boss is active.

As you defeat monsters and The Headless Horseman, you'll find two new event currencies. "Rotten Apples" and "Mysterious Candy". These can be spent on a variety of different event goodies. The "Rotten Apples" can be thrown into the Apple Bobbing Barrel in spawn and can be turned into "Mysterious Candy".

The "Mysterious Candy" can be spent on cosmetics such as titles and the Halloween Crate Key, Β and more and is the primary currency for this event.

The 3 players who kill the most monsters during the spawn invasion event will also be awarded some extra bonuses. The winners will be found as the Halloween event concludes on the second of November. Happy hunting!

1st place: Pristine Heirloom Cache OR 5000 Crowns.
2nd place: 2500 Crowns.
3rd place: 1000 Crowns.

Check the leaderboard at the Halloween area in spawn.

Locating Restless Spirits πŸ‘»

Find a total of 30 Restless Spirits in spawn for additional rewards including several Mysterious Candy once you've found all of them. This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame. You can find more information about this, as well as the first Restless Spirit, by typing /halloween in-game on the server and turning around.

Halloween Quests πŸ—ΊοΈ

A total of five new quests have also been added with the Halloween event. These range in difficulty and some of them can be completed daily and others only once. They come with many different rewards, primarily Mysterious Candy, but also a special Halloween Pumpkin Pet.

You can preview all quests in-game by typing /quest and navigating to the Miscellaneous Quest category.

New Halloween Crate πŸ—οΈ

For the duration of this event, there's also a brand new Halloween Crate available containing many exclusive cosmetics, tools, and items. This includes:

  • Legendary-tiered Silktouch Pickaxe
  • Legendary-tiered Silktouch Shovel
  • Legendary-tiered Silktouch Axe
  • Legendary-tiered Scythe Weapon
  • Legendary-tiered Fishing Rod
  • Witch Hat Accessory
  • Mask of the Hallowed Hat Accessory
  • Tombstone Furniture
  • Apple Bobbing Furniture
  • And much more!

Preview all the new rewards in-game by typing /halloween

Keys to this crate can be earned in-game by completing objectives, and from the store:

Bank 🏦

A highly requested feature also returns with this update, "The Bank". You can now safely store your money in a bank. This is especially useful for shop owners who do not want to be bankrupt overnight should someone sell a bunch of items to the shop.

You can access this by typing /bank while in spawn.

This is a permanent feature.

Patron Plus ⭐

A new rank Patron+ has also been added with today's update. This comes with only cosmetic rewards, and as Patron, is a special reward for those who have supported the server the most. There is no power attached to this rank.

This is a permanent feature.

Other Notable Changes πŸ“š

  • Patron now has a 45 slot backpack.
  • Patron+ has a 54 slot backpack.
  • Spawn has been decorated for the Halloween event.
  • Spawn is permanent night-mode for the Halloween event.
  • Newcomers now start with 4 hours of keep inventory.
  • The Hardcore Dungeon now requires 500 kills for the boss to spawn (was 1000)