Patch 3.8 - The Rewards Update - #19

Patch 3.8 - The Rewards Update - #19

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Greetings everyone. Today debuts a new update to the server bringing forth many highly-requested changes and additions.

Normal Dungeons ⚔️

The normal dungeon loot tables have been significantly improved.

Specifically, you can now earn much more currency than previously and much of the useless stuff such as repair gems have been removed.

This should make it much more worthwhile to complete dungeons and be a good catch-up for newer players.

Additionally, the normal dungeon quest reward has also been doubled and it now also gives a Rusted Key which can contain many different rare keys including previous event keys which is also a new addition.

Hardcore Dungeon ☠️

The hardcore dungeon loot table has also been significantly improved. Similar to the normal dungeon crate, you can now find much more currency and items in the crate as well as some of the lesser desirable rewards having been removed.

The Hardcore dungeon's difficulty has also been slightly re-tuned. Specifically, all monsters including the boss have 20% less health.

The artifact "Skull of the First Ones" is now also a 50% drop chance of killing the boss, making the artifact quest for this dungeon much more realistic for you to complete.

And finally, the Hardcore Dungeon now also is active on Sundays at the usual time (1 PM EST).

Path of the Gods Accessories 🔱

A bunch of accessories and cosmetic titles unique to each God are now also available. The accessories are all Legendary-tiered!

They can be found at the God Sanctums and becomes available once you've unlocked the entire talent row. This is a great way to show off your God of choice to everyone on the server!

Here is a preview of the rewards

All 4 God Titles
Poseidon Crown
Aphrodite Crown
Hades Tombstone Backpiece
Zeus Lightning Backpiece

Other Notable Changes 🧭

Some other notable changes and additions that happened today include:

  • Prestige level 3 is now available to be earned.
  • The money cost for Prestige 2 and Prestige 3 has been reduced by 50 percent.
  • The 10-hour playtime reward has been improved and is now a Heavy Artifact Cache instead of a Modest Cache.

Hope you enjoy this update! The Christmas Update is also in development and will arrive in the first half of December, stay tuned for more information. Join the Discord and you'll soon begin to see some previews! ⛄