Patch 3.9 - The Christmas Update! - #21

Patch 3.9 - The Christmas Update! - #21

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

The Christmas Update is officially here and brings many exclusive new items and gameplay features for you to enjoy during this holiday period. The event is available until January 4th. Hope you enjoy it!

Santa’s Village 🎅

A new open-world dungeon has been introduced with this event. Santa’s Village.

This zone can be accessed by anyone and at any time, meaning you can progress through the event objectives in your own time and at your own pace. This large zone is filled with custom monsters such as the Gingerbread Monster, as well as hidden presents you can find to earn unique items. To enter this zone find Santa’s Sleigh Rider in spawn.

Slaying these Gingerbread Monsters and the corrupted wildlife in the zone will award you with Gingerbread Cookies, which can be exchanged into the main Christmas event currency, Candy Canes.

Every four hours, the Corrupted Polar Bear will also appear in his icy caverns, which can be found inside the castle ruins in this zone. Together with other players, you must defeat this bear before his corruption spreads throughout the lands. Everyone partaking in the kill will be awarded Candy Canes, and some extra goodies if you are extra fortunate!

The open-world Christmas Dungeon zone.

Leaderboards 👑

The 3 players who kill the most Gingerbread Monsters and Infected Wildlife will also earn some extra bonus rewards when the event concludes.

1st place: 5000 Crowns OR a Pristine Heirloom Cache
2nd place: 2500 Crowns
3rd place: 1000 Crowns

You can find the leaderboard in Santa’s Village.

Christmas Community Events 🏆

We also have several mini-events planned for days throughout December. This includes fun games such as Spleef and Giveaways, where you will be able to earn some extra Christmas rewards.

Details about these community events will be posted on Discord in the Events channel. Typically, you'll find these happening during the weekends.

Christmas Quests 🎄

A total of 10 new quests have been added with this event and are available for you to complete. 7 of them can be completed every day for lucrative rewards including but not limited to, Candy Canes and even Crowns!

The other three quests can only be obtained once and include rewards such as a unique chat pin, snowman disguise, and a large chunk of Crowns and a Christmas Key.

You can find all the objectives and rewards in-game by typing /quests and navigate into the Miscellaneous quest category.

Lost Present Hunt 🎁

A total of 20 Presents have been hidden throughout the new Santa’s Village open-world dungeon map. This is a scavenger hunt type minigame, where you must locate all the Lost Presents.

Once you’ve found a present, you right-click it, and doing so will award you with a small chunk of in-game money and currency. Once you’ve managed to locate all 20 of the Lost Presents, you will receive a Christmas Key!

Christmas Items 🧊

More than 30 exclusive Christmas items are available to be earned from this event. This includes more than a dozen cosmetics ranging from beautiful furniture pieces to powerful accessories such as Santa’s Red Christmas Hat. Some other noteworthy new items include:

- Pristine-tiered Ice Scythe
- Pristine-tiered ice Bow
- Pristine-tiered Red Christmas Outfit
- Legendary-tiered Pickaxe
- Legendary-tiered Axe
- Legendary-tiered Shovel
- Legendary-tiered Hoe
- Legendary-tiered Fishing Rod
- Legendary-tiered Sword
- Legendary-tiered Snow Globe Hat Accessory
- Legendary-tiered Reindeer Hat Accessory
- Legendary-tiered Chimney Hat Accessory
- Legendary-tiered Angel Wings Accessory
- Furniture pieces such as: Christmas Tree, Christmas Wreath, Snowman Statues…
- And much more!

You can preview all of the rewards in-game by visiting the Christmas area in spawn and speaking to Santa Claus who sells a selection of items directly for Candy Canes, or by inspecting the Christmas Crate.

To do so find the big Christmas tree or teleport there directly with /christmas.

Santa's Christmas Outfit.

Christmas Crate ✨

The Christmas Crate is a new limited-time crate only available for the duration of this holiday event. Inside you can find most of the items listed above as well as many more. This is one of the best crates ever released on the server and all these items will hold very high value once the event is over and they become unobtainable!

Preview of the Christmas Crate.

You can earn many keys to this crate through the event objectives as the event has been balanced around this being an optimal method of achieving them.

If you have extra money to spend this holiday and don’t fancy doing the event objectives regularly, you can also purchase them directly on the store at:

Santa's Bundle ❤️

For those who want to earn themselves some extra special goodies this year, we also have a special bundle on offer.

This bundle includes 5x Christmas Keys, a Santa Chat Pin, a Baby Snowman Pet, and a Christmas Frost Lord Particle effect. Here is a preview of them.

Snowbaby Pet
Santa Chat Pin
Christmas Frost Lord Particle

Later this month… ⏰

And the holiday spirits don’t end here! Later this month starting from December 24th, you will begin to periodically see Flying Presents appearing all throughout spawn. Prepare your bow, and shoot them down to earn additional event items. But be careful, rumor has it that some sneaky Gingerbread Monsters have hidden in the presents, so be prepared to defeat them.

Likewise, from December 25th until December 30th, you will also be able to loot up to three presents in spawn by speaking to Santa Claus. These will have some special rewards for you, so make sure you log-in during this period to claim them!

And maybe there'll be something to celebrate the New Year too, but more on that later. Keep your eyes peeled on the Discord!

This about sums up the main new additions with this month’s update and event. Many other minor changes and additions also were introduced but we encourage you to explore the server and find those, maybe there are a few surprises!