Patch 4.2 - Niflheim Awaits.

Patch 4.2 - Niflheim Awaits.

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Greetings everyone!
The second major update of this season is now available, bringing the addition of Mythic Dungeons, a new crate, and much more. Make sure to read the post in full.


Two Mythic Dungeons have now been released.

Rundown of Mythic Dungeons:

  • Mythic Dungeons are unique 'hardcore' dungeons available two times per week. (Saturday/Sunday)
  • You must be Warlord or Aesir+ to access these dungeons.
  • These dungeons are extremely challenging. Without end-game gear and Path of the Gods talents, you'll struggle to survive.
  • The dungeons last for 1 hour or until the boss has been slain.
  • The top 3 damage rewards are as follows:
    1st place: $100,000
    2nd place: $75,000
    3rd place: $50,000

Castle of Niflheim

Lore: Within the cold, dark, and misty world of the dead lies the  Castle of Niflheim, ruled by kin of Hel herself. No mortals have ever escaped from this realm alive.

Venture into this brand-new Mythic Dungeon, where you'll fight against various new custom monsters, and the General of Hel herself.

This Mythic Dungeon is active every Saturday.

Purgatory of Helheim

Lore: The foulest souls of the Viking world are sent to the Purgatory of Helheim. Untold horrors can be found here, and their leader, a spawn of Hel herself, is an adversary unlike any other.

This is a remastered version of the 'Flames of the Nether' dungeon from last season. The dungeon features brand new monsters, and a new boss to fight, along with extra puzzles and challenges to overcome.

This Mythic Dungeon is active every Sunday.


The Mythic Crate is now officially available. This crate contains some of the most powerful items and armor to date. Here is a preview of the crate loot!

This crate can only be obtained from playing. You can earn a key to this crate from a variety of sources including:

  • Mythic Dungeons
  • Mythic Dungeon Quest
  • Reaching the Earl in-game rank.
  • The Night is Dark and Full of Terror monthly minigame.
  • Events, Giveaways, and many other sources.
Mythic Crate Armor + Scythe Weapon.


This update also brings the addition of 14 new custom blocks. You can preview them below. Like the other custom blocks, they are available for purchase in spawn at /warp shop for a cheap price.

Preview of the new custom wood blocks.


The Fishing World is now available, as voted by the community on the Discord #polls channel.

This is a new world intended for players with the Fishing job. Here you can come at any time with the /fish command, place your boat, and fish away.

Rundown of the Fishing World:

  • Accessibly by anyone, at any time.
  • The biome is Warm Ocean for more fishing efficiency.
  • You can place your own boat in the water for more fishing catches.
  • Fishing Contests will also take place in this world from now on.
  • Rune of Rain artifact can now only be used in the Fishing World.
  • You can access the Fishing Contest Merchant in this world with /fishshop.
Result of the Discord poll earlier this month.


Pins have been reintroduced to the server, although in a slightly changed format. For those unaware, Pins are chat icons that appear in front of your title in chat.

There are 15 new Pins available with this update. 10 of them are available to anyone ranked Aesir, and the remaining 5 are available for Patrons.

You can inspect all of the pins in-game with the /pins command.


As requested by the community, this update brings a new in-game Mailing System. This will allow you to send messages (mail) to other players, either online or offline. This is useful to let other players know if you're inactive for a period of time. This will be moderated just like the chat, so chat rules apply.

Mails become available to you with the Artisan in-game rank, and the following commands are available to you:

/mail send (player) (text) - send a mail to another player.
/mail list - list all received mails.
/mail clear - clear all mails in your mailbox.


  • Added two new Player Warp categories. Player Farms and Player Spawners. These categories are for public farms and spawner grinders. If you own either of those, you can request a staff member to move your warp into these new categories.
  • Only players ranked Seer+ can view the Player Farms and Player Spawners category.
  • Added Cocoa Beans, Cod, and Scutes to the in-game vanilla items shop.
  • Removed the chunk limitations on Heads and Beds.
  • Increased the Coinflip limit to $500,000.
  • Updated the wiki.
  • Several bug fixes, and other minor stuff.