Patch 4.3 - Stormbreaker

Patch 4.3 - Stormbreaker

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Greetings everyone!‌‌ The third major update of this season is now available, bringing many new additions, new items, and a brand-new crate. Make sure to read the post in full.


A brand new crate is now available. Keys to this crate can be found on the store, or by completing The Seer's quest in-game. More details about the quest are below.

This crate comes with a lot of new unique items. Including a brand-new powerful Legendary tiered armor set, legendary tiered Pickaxe, and Legendary Weapon.

Stormbreaker is a new Hammer with several custom abilities. Preview below.

Radiant Pickaxe of the Aesir is a new pickaxe with powerful enchantments and a custom Blast Mining ability, allowing you to break 3x3 for 30 seconds.

Stormbreaker Armor is one of the best armor sets in the game, and comes with a variety of set bonuses including increased damage, increased attack speed, decreased damage taken, increased Jobs XP, and increased MCMMO XP.

There are also several other new items in the crate. Make sure to check it out in-game by typing /crates.

The crate is obtainable until August, 15th.
This crate will not be on sale at any point.

Preview of the Stormbreaker Hammer and Armor.

Preview the Stormbreaker Hammer abilities here:

Hammer Strike: no CD, 40+ damage Left-click hit to use, as normal combat.
Hammer Throw: 30 seconds CD, 70 damage. Right-click while standing to use.
Thunder Shockwave: 10 seconds CD, 60 damage. Crouch + Right-click to use
Thundersmash (leap): 60 seconds CD, 100 damage Crouch + Left-click to use


A new free rewards system debuts with today's update! Every day you can speak to the Daily Rewards Llama in spawn to earn some free goodies. The only requirement is you must be Discord linked.

Every day you claim a reward, and without missing a day, a streak will start. The higher your daily login reward becomes, the greater rewards you will be able to earn, including Mythic Keys, Titan Keys, and Crowns. You can preview the full list of rewards in-game by speaking to the Daily Rewards Llama.

If you miss a day, or once you reach 30, you will be set back to 1, and you can begin working towards all the streak rewards again.


Several new quests debut with today's update. One of them is a limited quest, which is only available for the duration of the Aesir Crate.

The Seer's Quest
This is a quest only available for a few weeks. You can find it in the Events Category. Specifically, you must help The Seer uncover a dark and looming threat. Completing this quest will award you with an Aesir Key, a key to the new limited crate.

Weekly Quests‌‌
As per the recent poll on Discord, the Weekly Quest objectives have now been made significantly more challenging to properly fit the description of them being a Weekly Quest. This also comes with a significant increase in the rewards. Specifically, each Weekly Quest now awards you $60,000 + 1x Rusted key, compared to just $20,000 previously.

Miscellaneous Quests
Several new Miscellaneous Quests have been added with today's update. Every dungeon now has its own one-time completion quest, where you must kill 5000 Monsters in each normal dungeon. Completing these quests will allow you to earn up to 5 Mythic Keys.

Aesir Quests
Two Aesir exclusive quests have also been added. Similar to the other quests, you must kill 5000 monsters, but this time inside Mythic Dungeons. There is a quest for both Castle of Niflheim and the Purgatory of Helheim. Completing these quests will net you 2000 Crowns.


The first level of Prestige is now available, and the full list of prestiges and perks are available to preview.

Prestiging is a system designed for end-game players who enjoy grinding for additional perks and cosmetics. Once you reach the maximum in-game rank of God, this feature becomes available to you. If you opt for Prestige, you will be set back to the default rank - Mortal. This means you temporarily forfeit all rank perks from Mortal to God - but you immediately unlock the Prestige level perks. You will then have to work your way back up to God.

You can find all the perks in-game by typing /prestige


You can now showcase your valuable items to others in chat. This becomes available to you once you reach either the Seer or Valkyrie rank in-game.

To showcase your item, simply hold it in your hand and type [item]. This will then broadcast it in chat for everyone to hover and view its item stats.


  • You can now purchase up to Looting 10 in the Table of the Aesir.
  • Digger job has been buffed by 10%.
  • The Titan Crate loot has been significantly improved. (All drops are roughly doubled)

That was all for today’s update! We’re happy with the support this new season has had so far, and we’re looking forward to making many great memories with you all this year and beyond. Many updates are planned, and as always, if you have any suggestions you can post them on Discord!