Patch 4.5 - Tiki Time!

Patch 4.5 - Tiki Time!

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Greetings everyone!‌‌ A new major update is now live on the server, bringing forth many requested additions including new ranks, new crate, new quests, and a new dungeon. This update post will not be as elaborate as usual, but should still give you an idea of everything that's new!


A new dungeon debuts with today's update. The Ancient Forest. Here you will find a variety of new custom monsters with unique abilities. This is a normal-mode dungeon, and as such, it has been added to the random dungeon activation schedule.

Lore: Deep inside Yggdrassil, the Ancient Forest can be found, a place full of magic and Treant creatures never seen by mortals in centuries. Venture into the Ancient Forest, learn about their magic, and do what Vikings do best.

Preview of the dungeon.


A total of 13 new quests have been added with today's update. The vast majority are new milestone quests, which essentially are long-term end-game goals to complete. The tasks range from mining 10 million obsidian, to killing 2 million wither skeletons. There's something for almost every job and playstyle here, with awesome cosmetic rewards to be earned!

Two Spleef Quests have also been added, allowing you to earn some extra rewards for partaking in this minigame.

Two Artifact Cache quests have been added, giving an extra incentive to open both types of caches.

And finally, a new Dungeon Quest, for the new dungeon has also been added.

Make sure to check out all of the new quests in-game by typing/quests and going into the Miscellaneous Category.  


Preview of some of the new crate items

Until September 19th, a brand-new crate is available for you to purchase. This crate contains some of the most powerful event items yet, and also features some of the coolest-looking 3D models ever seen on the server before! You can inspect the crate by typing /crates in-game.

In the crate, you'll find many different items such as:

  • Special Pickaxe
  • Special Shovel
  • Special Fishing Rod
  • Special Sword
  • Special Bow
  • Special Shield
  • Special Accessory  Tiki Mask with boosters
  • And more!

These items come with a variety of new abilities and perks. The Pickaxe and Shovel come with Blast Mining allowing you to break 3x3 for 10 seconds. The Fishing Rod features a new ability, allowing you to catch the Kraken custom monsters. Slaying the Kraken will award you with some extra loot.

The Sword has some epic combat-related abilities, allowing you to leap into the air and smash the ground, as well as calling to the heavens for the voodoo spirits to slay your enemies with voodoo magic.

Preview all of these items in-game at /crates


Two new ranks have been added with today's update, as requested by the community. The new Celestial rank is an 8th and final store rank above Aesir. This comes with a variety of new perks, and more perks will be added over time.

A final Patron milestone rank has also been added, Patron++, and as usual, comes with only cosmetics and quality-of-life benefits.

You can inspect the Celestial and Patron++ perks in-game by typing /dranks

Here is a look at the new Celestial Dragon, which is one of the new perks for the Celestial rank. This is a combat pet, meaning it will use its dragon breath to slay your enemies with large AOE damage!

As a special promotion, any purchase or rank upgrade to Celestial will also include 5 Tiki Keys for free! This offer is available for the next 7 days, until September 3rd.
Preview of the Celestial Dragon Combat Pet


  • Several new custom-drawn pixelart GUIs debut today for the Wardrobe Merchant, Kits NPC, and the Daily Llama. This is an ongoing process and eventually, the plan is for every single GUI on the server to feature custom pixelart.
  • Raider+ is now required to access Public Spawner Grinder Warps.

That was all for today’s update! We’re happy with the support this new season has had so far, and we’re looking forward to making many great memories with you all this year and beyond. Many updates are planned, and as always, if you have any suggestions you can post them on Discord!