Patch 4.6 - A New Home

Patch 4.6 - A New Home

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Greetings everyone!‌‌ A new major update is now live on the server, bringing forth many new additions and changes! This post will go over the most notable changes and additions.


The village of Norheim has been under siege for many months now, and we're forced to relocate! Fortunately, our brother clan at the Village of Bergheim has welcomed us with open arms into their grand Viking town!

A brand new spawn has been built, one that is much larger and more accurately represents the quality that the server has been known for.

Patron Marketplace
In the new spawn, there are a total of 10 player market stalls, available for Patrons to claim. First come, first get. This will allow you to have a small shop near the center of the spawn itself.

The Lonely Viking Event
To celebrate the release of the new spawn, there is a special mini-event for just today. Explore spawn, find The Lonely Viking, and earn his Warrior Belt cosmetic. You can find the Warrior Belt on the second page of /wings

There are lots of new things to explore and enjoy in the new spawn. Make sure you check it out!

Preview of new spawn.


This update brings a total of 42 new furniture props. Simply speak to the new Furniture Merchants, and you'll be able to purchase them for in-game materials. You do not need a large cash amount for these, just appropriate vanilla items!

All existing furniture items have also had their in-game price reduced by 50%, buying lots of furniture for your home and town has never been easier!

Here are some of the new furniture for you to preview. Find them all in-game by visiting the new spawn!


Several new artifacts debut with today's update. They are Divine tiered, which is also a new item tier with this update.

Divine Artifact Cache: Contains a random Epic, Legendary, or Divine artifact.
Blessing of the Aesir: Enables Strength 5, Regeneration 5, and Health 5 for 2 hours.
Rune of Heavy Rain: Enables rain in the world for the next 4 hours. Usable in the Fishing World.
Empowered Fertilizer of Freya: Instantly grows crops and saplings when clicked. This has 2000 usages each.
Empowered Rusted Key: Grants you between 1-3 Ancient Keys, 1 Mythic Key, 1 Titan Key, 1 Summer Key, or 1 Tiki Key.
Empowered Mending Necklace: Restores your health. It has 100 uses and can be repeated.
Empowered Orb of Transformation: Turn nearby Stone into a mix of ores in a 1 block radius. This has 100 uses each.

You can find the new artifact caches from crates and the Race minigame. More sources of the Divine Cache will be added in upcoming updates.


Some of the crates have been updated with today's update as well! Notably, the Mythic and Titan Crates have had their loots improved. They now feature all of the Divine Artifacts and fewer of the less desirable items.

The Mythic Crate now also has new cosmetic wings that suit the armor and weapon. Have a look!

Preview of the new Purgatory set wings.


As the season is now 3 months old, it's time to update the Parkour game mode. The rewards have been vastly improved, almost tripled, and you can now once again complete them for the updated one-time rewards.

The Parkour Leaderboards have also been reset for the occasion, as many of the players on the current leaderboards are inactive. The parkour leaderboards will refresh again in roughly another 3 months.

The new rewards specifically are as follows:

  • Infinite Parkour now awards up to $300,000. (previously $115,000)
  • Infinite Parkour now has a score reward for reaching 5000.
  • Traditional Parkour maps now award up to $270,000. (previously $90,000)

You can inspect each parkour map and score rewards individually in-game.

JOBS 👷‍♂️

As the season and economy has settled with the new season, it's time to have another look at the Jobs Money limit cap per hour. With this update, instead of being capped at $100,000 per hour for everyone, it now scales based on your total Jobs level. This also serves as an added encouragement for players to level-up multiple jobs instead of solely focusing on one or two.

Here you can get an idea of how much money the cap is per total jobs level. Total jobs level is all of your jobs' levels combined. This means if you're level 20 Farmer, level 30 Miner, level 10 Woodcutter, then your total jobs level is (20+30+10) = 60, and your hourly cap would be just over 50k.

To get for each specific level, you can use the following equation which this is based off: 30000+35000*(TotalJobsLevel/99)

A couple of Jobs have also received a slight buff today:

  • Digger pay has been increased by 8%.
  • Farmer pay has been increased by 5%.


Since the Celestial rank debuted in the last update, the following new perks have been added to it:

  • The Monthly Personal Boosters for the Celestial rank have been changed to Weekly Personal Boosters. They now also last for 12 hours instead of just 2 hours!
  • Flyspeed increased to 200% (from 150%)

Today's update brings even more new Celestial perks, including:

  • Increased max Jobs furnaces and Brewing Stands to 35.
  • Exclusive Celestial Blades backpiece accessory. Preview below!
Preview of the new Celestial Blades accessory.


The second level of Prestige is now available.

Prestiging is a system designed for end-game players who enjoy grinding for additional perks and cosmetics. Once you reach the maximum in-game rank of God, this feature becomes available to you. If you opt for Prestige, you will be set back to the default rank - Mortal. This means you temporarily forfeit all rank perks from Mortal to God - but you immediately unlock the Prestige level perks. You will then have to work your way back up to God.

You can find all the perks in-game by typing /prestige


  • More than 20 new accessories have been added. They do not all have a drop source yet, but can be previewed in /hats and /wings.
  • New custom pixelart menu for the donor ranks menu. (/dranks)
  • New custom ESC Menu with updated pixelart.
  • New loading screen menu for Optifine users.
  • New custom dungeon monsters for Optifine users.
  • The /hats and /wings menu now shows the drop source of all accessories.
  • A new item tier has been added: Divine. This is the best item tier in the game.
  • The new furniture lanterns and lamps will now emit light in the area.
  • Event items will now have a different colored tag depending on item quality. For example, an event item that has the strength of a Legendary item, will have a red event tag.
  • /msg now works on nicknames.
  • The Loot Pinata (voting event) now awards $15,000. (was $5,000)
  • Added Slime Blocks to the shop merchant.
  • Updated the Dungeon rare mini-boss.
  • The Race minigame Chat/Quiz has been updated with new answers.

That was all for today’s update! Hope you enjoy it! The next update is already in full-scale development, The Halloween Update, and will release in the first half of October. Stay tuned for more information, and for sneak peeks, join the server Discord with the link above!