MineRaze: Season 5

MineRaze: Season 5

Heroes of MineRaze,
We are thrilled to announce that Season 5 is entering its final stages of development and is set to release next month, June.

Building upon the success of the previous seasons, Season 5 will bring a fresh and captivating experience. From the stunning landscapes to the thrilling gameplay mechanics, every aspect of the server has been meticulously designed to provide you with an unforgettable journey.

While we are saving the official patch notes for the release post, we encourage you to check out our Discord server, specifically the #sneak-peeks channel, where you can catch exclusive sneak peeks of what's in store for Season 5.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new season, we will be temporarily taking the servers offline approximately two weeks from now, starting on June 1st. During this downtime, our team will be diligently working to finalize all the new features and seamlessly migrate them to the new production servers.

What carries over to Season 5? πŸ”

Now, we know you're curious about what will carry over to Season 5.
Fear not, as we have prepared a comprehensive rundown for you:

  • Store Ranks
  • Premium
  • Platinum
  • Patron
  • Crowns
  • Cosmetics
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Season Vault

The Season Vault is an essential aspect of the transition into a new season. It allows you to transfer up to 7 of your event items to the new season based on the number of completed event objectives. Underneath the Odin Statue in spawn, you'll find the vault where you can manage this process.

Learn more about the vault: https://wiki.mineraze.net/survival/content/vault

Lastly, we would like to remind you that each player is allowed only one vault. If you have multiple players in your household, please submit a ticket on our Discord server before attempting to use multiple vaults. Unauthorized use of alternate accounts to move additional items will result in none of your vaults being transferred and may lead to additional penalties.

Build Transfer πŸ—οΈ

We're excited to announce that, for the very first time, you have the opportunity to transfer your builds to the upcoming season, provided certain criteria are met. Our intention behind this feature is to encourage players to continue working on their ambitious projects within the server, without the worry of losing their hard work down the line.

To be eligible for a build transfer, simply create a ticket on our Discord server, including a screenshot, the coordinates, and the world of the build you wish to move. Your build will qualify for a free transfer if it meets the required quality standards, as determined by the staff team.

Additionally, we offer the option to purchase a build transfer directly from our store. Since the process of transferring builds is manual and time-consuming, with only Pacific handling the transfers, there are limited spots available on a first-come-first-serve basis. All transfers will be completed within 14 days of the new season's release.

Please bear in mind that, in order to maintain the economy of the new season, no valuable items within the building will be transferred. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, blocks of high value such as Diamond Blocks, Spawners, Containers, and Furniture.

All transfer requests and purchases must be finalized by May 31st.

Pre-Season: The Seer’s Quests ⭐

A mysterious presence has arrived in Bergheim. Engage in The Seer's Quest and confront Ragnvald, the Riftwalker. Defeat him for a chance to obtain Riftstones and unlock the exclusive Valkyrie's Horse mount.

The Riftwalker arrives in spawn every hour for an epic battle. Seek allies and prepare to face this legendary foe. Embark on additional quests revealed by The Seer to earn more rewards as the new season begins.

Prepare for a captivating pre-season filled with challenges and triumphs. The Seer awaits to guide you through the unfolding saga ahead. Will you seize the opportunity and emerge victorious?

Valkyrie's Flying Mount.

We hope you're as excited as we are for MineRaze Season 5! Stay tuned for further updates and announcements on our Discord server and official website.

See you soon in the new season!

Best regards,
The MineRaze Team