Season 5 Release Notes

Season 5 Release Notes
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Greetings everyone,
We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of Season 5, heralding the birth of another chapter in MineRaze's history. This Saturday, June 10th, marks a new beginning as we unveil the culmination of one of our most ambitious seasons yet.

ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛᴅᴏᴡɴ:

With season 5, the server has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, with countless minor adjustments and enhancements that contribute to the seamless and immersive gameplay you have come to expect.

While it is impossible to list every minor detail in this post, rest assured that we have compiled a selection of the most notable changes that await you.

Without further ado, let us embark on a journey through the key features and enhancements that Season 5 has in store.

Season Vault

As soon as you join the season, you can claim your vault items without delay. Additionally, all the existing and planned sources of season 5 vault slots are available already now, and can be found on the wiki. This allows you to plan ahead. As always, all event items (and possibly more) will be vaultable for future adventures.

You can find your vaulted items and pre-season quest rewards at /warp vault.

Learn more about the vault and seasons here:

A Grand New Spawn: Welcome to Stormheim

Prepare to be amazed by the majestic Stormheim, our brand new and expansive spawn area. This sprawling location is filled with intricately designed buildings, captivating decorations, and immersive NPCs.

As you explore Stormheim, you'll come across unique Guild hideouts, adding another layer of depth to your gameplay. Stormheim serves as the main hub of season 5 and sets the stage for the new adventure.

Gates of Stormheim.

Immerse Yourself in the Guilds System

Prepare to unleash your Viking spirit with the new Guilds System, the next evolution of the beloved Path of the Gods.

As you join this new chapter, you will immediately pledge your allegiance to one of three Viking Guilds. Each Guild offers a distinctive experience, boasting unique quests, ranks, skills, powers, and immersive lore that will captivate your imagination.

Journey to the island of Skald's Forge, a renowned crafting guild that specializes in the art of forging mighty weapons, armor, and tools. Named after the legendary Viking poets who composed awe-inspiring songs of heroic deeds, this guild's members possess unparalleled skill in their craft. By gathering precious materials from the land, they channel their knowledge of ancient techniques to create weapons and armor imbued with powerful enchantments. Skald's Forge is a haven for those seeking mastery in the art of creation.

Perks include favorable crafting rate for heirlooms and currency, increased health, fire resistance, turning items unbreakable, free item repairs, and more.

Skald's Forge Island - Guild hideout.

Join the ranks of the Frostborne Gatherer's, a diligent working guild focused on gathering vital resources from the unforgiving northern lands. Inspired by the fearless warriors born in the frozen tundras, this guild's members are resourceful experts in acquiring wood, stone, and metal from their surroundings. Their deep connection to the land, coupled with their survival instincts, ensures the guild's resilience. The Frostborne Gatherers tirelessly gather resources to equip and sustain their guildmates in the face of adversity.

Perks include increased speed, increased chance of finding rare artifacts, special merchants with favorable trades, and more.

Embark on daring expeditions with the Raven's Watch, a guild dedicated to hunting and exploration. Inspired by the cunning birds revered by the Vikings for their intelligence, this guild's members are skilled hunters and stealthy trackers. Guided by their expertise, they venture into uncharted territories, unraveling the secrets of the wilderness and unearthing ancient artifacts. The Raven's Watch Clan's thirst for discovery and their ability to adapt to any environment make them the vanguard of exploration.

Perks include increased strength, increased treasure found in dungeons, and more.

Choose your path wisely, for your selection will shape your journey and unlock a wealth of unique perks. Are you ready to forge legendary weapons, gather precious resources, or unravel the mysteries of uncharted territories?

Learn more about guilds here:

Revamped Heirloom System

The heirloom system has seen some major adjustments with Season 5, largely based on player feedback heard throughout season 4.

Heirloom Currency Returns: The coveted heirloom currency makes a return. Collect and utilize these currencies to unlock new powerful heirlooms and abilities.

A Plethora of Unique Abilities: Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of over a hundred unique heirloom items and abilities. From devastating combat techniques to unmatched mining efficiency, these abilities offer countless gameplay options, empowering you to shape your playstyle and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Unlock New Item Tiers: The season starts out with a total of 6 unique item tiers, more than any previous season. Each tier signifies a significant milestone in your adventure, providing access to increasingly powerful gear and rewards.

Spawner Pickaxes Return:  Spawner Pickaxes from the original MineRaze, almost a decade back, make their return. These specialized tools breath new life into spawner mining, allowing you to harvest resources efficiently and participate in a dynamic spawner economy.

Learn more about heirlooms and artifacts here:

New Blocks, Furniture, and Cosmetics

Expand Your Collection: Delve into an expanded heirloom collection featuring more than 300 new items and models. Uncover powerful artifacts, and awe-inspiring tools and weaponry, dozens of new blocks, cosmetics, furniture, and so much more.

Some of the many new blocks.

Harness the Power of Runes

In Season 5, a new runes system adds a layer of depth to your gameplay. Collect runes to unlock additional powers and advantages. Runes can on launch be found from sources such as dungeons and crates.

These runes provide various benefits such as:

  • Immunity to poison,
  • Resistance to wither damage,
  • Job boosters
  • And more.

You can activate two runes simultaneously to fit your chosen playstyle.

Learn more about runes here:

Enhanced Town System

The towns system has undergone significant changes and improvements based on valuable feedback received over the past year. This includes:

New Town Leveling System: The town leveling system has been revamped, which includes the ability to withdraw money from the town bank, providing more flexibility as the funds are no longer permanently locked. To level-up your town, the mayor now also has to use the new /town level command.

New Town Perks: New town perks are available as you level-up your town. In addition to the customary perks of increased claim size and member count, you'll also discover boosters that enhance crop growth rate and monster spawner spawn rate inside town land.

Other notable town changes include:

  • You can now select your own town color.
  • Siginificantly improved town loading speed after reboots.
  • A variety of bug fixes including, but not limited to, armorstands being lootable by anyone in town land, bonemeal being usable by anyone in town land, etc.
  • Improved particle effects when standing in town claims, and when claiming to easier see the border.
  • Spawn now features leaderboards of the top towns on the server, including largest towns, richest towns, and towns with the highest level.
Learn more about towns here:


Dungeons have also seen significant updates. This includes changes to dungeon activation, dozens of new monsters and fight mechanics, many new dungeons, and more.

Activating Dungeons

Now, players have the power to activate dungeons themselves. By collaborating and combining their efforts to contribute a specific number of war materials, dungeons can be activated. This empowers you with more control and agency, allowing you to engage in dungeon gameplay at your own pace instead of adhering to a rigid schedule.

  • This applies to Normal and Heroic Dungeons.
Contribute war materials to start a global adventures.

New Dungeon Difficulty

Season 5 brings the addition of Heroic Dungeons, a difficulty tier positioned between the familiar Normal and Mythic dungeons.

  • Normal dungeons are slightly easier compared to season 4.
  • Heroic dungeons are roughly 80% of season 4's mythic dungeon difficulty, and serves as a mid-game adventure.
  • Mythic dungeons are significantly harder and is true end-game content with top end rewards.

Revamped Dungeons

Most of the existing dungeons have been revamped with new monsters, updates to the environment, and other system improvements for a better experience.

New rooms and environments in the Tomb of Legends dungeon.

New Dungeons

Embark on thrilling dungeon expeditions through a diverse array of new dungeons. Confront new fearsome foes, and uncover new treasure.

Ruins of Khazad Dum
Venture into the ancient Ruins of Khazad Dum, where the remnants of a long-lost dwarven civilization await discovery.

Ruins of Khazad Dum, Normal dungeon.

Icemaw Digsite
Explore the icy depths of Icemaw Digsite, a frozen excavation site teeming with ancient artifacts and icy horrors. Battle against frost-empowered creatures such as the Yeti.

Siege of Ravenshire Castle
Prepare for an epic siege in the Siege of Ravenshire Castle. Storm the fortress, defeat its formidable defenders, and liberate the castle from the clutches of darkness.

Siege of Ravenshire Castle, Heroic dungeon.

Necropolis of the Damned
Enter the harrowing Necropolis of the Damned, a realm of restless spirits and macabre horrors. Confront vengeful specters, navigate haunting corridors, and face off against monstrous abominations in a quest to uncover the dark secrets of this cursed domain.

Necropolis of the Damned, Heroic dungeon.

But the adventure doesn't end there! In July, be prepared to explore The Botanical Quarry, an upcoming dungeon filled with lush vegetation, unique challenges, and botanical wonders. Stay tuned for more information on this later this summer.

Learn more about dungeons here:


Introducing Invasions, a new PvE system where you defend Skald's Island, the sister island of Stormheim, from relentless invaders. This zone is accessible to all players at any time, allowing for endless gameplay. However, be prepared for challenging battles against formidable monsters. To aid in your defense, team up with other players and contribute war materials to activate powerful zone-wide perks. By doing so, you can make defeating the invasion monsters easier for everyone.

  • The invasion zone is always active with daring monsters to fight. They are very difficult.
  • Using the new contribution system, also used for dungeons, players will be able to contribute materials to activate zone-wide power buffs for everyone to defeat invasion monsters easier, as well as summon a dangerous boss with amazing rewards.
Learn more about invasions here:


Exciting updates await in the world of mini-games!

Dance Party

Dance Party, formerly known as Color Party, has made a triumphant return in Season 4 with the issues that caused its removal resolved. Get ready to groove on new arena maps, dance floors, and captivating music. Experience the ultimate party atmosphere like never before!


Spleef enthusiasts rejoice! The game has been fixed, ensuring that your inventory will no longer be cleared during play if you disconnect. To make things even more exciting, new powers have been added, providing unique gameplay opportunities, along with balancing adjustments for a fair and enjoyable experience.


Parkour enthusiasts, get ready for a revamped adventure! All four existing maps have been adjusted, offering varying levels of difficulty. Expect tweaks, improvements, and new rewards that you can earn every time you complete a map. Prepare to test your agility and claim your well-deserved prizes.

Easy Level Parkour.

But the fun doesn't end there! Future updates will introduce more thrilling mini-games, including PvP battles, heart-pounding Elytra Racing, and the much-anticipated Olympic Games. We value your input, so don't forget to share your ideas and desires on our Discord server.

Learn more about minigames here:

Mounts & Pets

The mount system has been fully fleshed out with the new season. This means more than a dozen new mounts are available to be earned. Some mounts also have unique abilities, including flying mounts that are usable in previously flight-restricted areas such as the new spawn, Stormheim.

Preview of the Raven's Watch Flying Dragon Mount.
  • There are new quests in-game to obtain mounts from completing objectives, such as the Nightsaber mount.
  • New pets have been added, and few updates to existing ones that were underwhelming.
A new loyal combat pet.

New Plants & Food

Introducing new custom plants and food! Experience the thrill of cultivating Pineapples, Bananas, and Strawberries, each with their own perks and growth stages. Stay tuned for future updates with even more delightful additions to your garden. Unleash your inner green thumb and explore the limitless possibilities of these new botanical treasures.

New Auction System

Introducing the new Auction System with cross-server support and Discord notifications. Access auctions from anywhere and stay connected to never miss out on exciting bidding opportunities. Experience the thrill of the auction house like never before with this enhanced and convenient system.

New Auction Menu interface.

Limbo System

Introducing the innovative 'Limbo' system! When the server undergoes a reboot, you will no longer be forcibly disconnected. Instead, you will be seamlessly transitioned to a "ghost" version of the server. While you won't be able to actively play during this time, it ensures that players who are AFK during a reboot will be automatically reconnected once the server is back online.


Exciting news for job enthusiasts! Jobs have undergone a re-balancing and revamp, bringing fresh updates to the gameplay.

  • Jobs have been re-balanced and revamped.
  • Unlock cosmetic rewards at level 50 in each job
  • The level cap has been raised to 100, providing even more progression opportunities.
  • Leveling has been significantly accelerated, allowing you to reach new heights in your chosen profession at a faster pace.
  • New jobs have been added such as Crafter and Sorcerer.

New Cosmetic System

Introducing the all-new Cosmetic System! Prepare to express your personal style without compromising power.

In this revamped system, cosmetics are purely cosmetic and no longer impact your character's stats or abilities. Similar to transmogrification in games like World of Warcraft, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

Wear your powerful full armor set with its set bonuses while having the freedom to equip a cosmetic hat or other cosmetic items to customize your appearance.

Unleash your creativity, mix and match styles, and create a truly unique look while maintaining the effectiveness of your gear.

  • Cosmetics no longer have power, and are purely cosmetic.
  • Cosmetics work as a "Transmogrification". This means you can wear your full armor set with set bonus, and still equip a cosmetic hat appearance.
  • The wardrobe has returned to preview appearances you have not yet unlocked.


There will be two survival gameplay worlds to choose from when you start your experience in Season 5. Asgard and Midgard. Both worlds will feature the beautiful custom generations we've become accustomed to in season 4 with Vanaheim.

You can already now preview the survival worlds and begin playing for where to build your new home:

Asgard Map:
Midgard Map:

Later this summer, the server will also be fully updated to 1.20, bringing forth all the new blocks and features from that update. This will also include the addition of a third survival world, Vanaheim, which will include even more new custom biomes, such as the Winter Cherry Biome. Here is a preview!

Winter Cherry Biome - coming later in season 5.

More Staff Hosted Events

Going forward, the plan is to host community events much more frequently. Besides the usual double dungeon loot weekend, booster weekend, voting weekend, etcetera, the following events are also planned:

Storage Wars - staff create several lockers with chests and stuff inside. Players will bid and the highest bid will win the locker and everything that is inside. Maybe the player will be lucky and it has crazy valuable items, or unlucky and they have wasted their money.

Black Market Auction - a staff-hosted Auction event with valuable and sometimes even fully exclusive items. Players will bid for the items, and the highest bidder wins the item.

And possibly more! Do you have any ideas? Let us know on Discord.

Miscellaneous changes

  • The custom boost system now also broadcasts on Discord when 50%+ boosters are applied. React to the notifications bot to get notified whenever a large booster is active.
  • New bank system allowing you to withdraw and deposit money into a virtual balance. Especially useful for shop owners.
  • More than a dozen new artifacts have been created with unique effects and perks.
  • The playtime system has been updated with new rewards, milestones, and more.
  • Almost every menu on the server has been re-made from scratch and outfitted with custom GUI textures.
  • More than a hundred new blocks, furniture, and cosmetics.
  • In-game emoji list with /emoji
  • More than a dozen new quests, with more coming.
  • Global quests have returned.
  • You can now make animated map frames.
  • Many of the community-favored suggestions posted on Discord have been added.
  • And so much more...

We hope to see you online on the server on Saturday, June 10th!