Season 3 Releasing July 3rd - #6

Season 3 Releasing July 3rd - #6


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Greetings everyone,

The development of Season 3 has officially concluded, and now remains only a short period of internal beta testing. This means that Season 3 will officially begin this Saturday, July 3rd at 2:30 PM EST.

Live countdown:

This also means that the Season 2 servers will be taken down on Thursday at 6 AM EST, so all the data which is being kept can be properly transferred into the new season. Make sure you finish the pre-season quests and milestones before it's too late.

Lastly, one of the new features coming with Season 3 is the introduction of Browser Maps.

You can already preview the Survival Worlds today, and begin planning where you want to settle and build. Use the following links to inspect each survival world: (Blue World) (Green World) (Earth World)

The full Season 3 Update notes are coming later this week as testing has concluded.  

And don't forget, there are giveaways for Season 3 items in Discord. Make sure to partake!

Stay tuned for more, and we hope we'll see you this Saturday for the launch of the new season!