Season 3: Update Notes - #7

Season 3: Update Notes - #7
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Greetings everyone.

This Saturday marks the beginning of the next chapter - Season 3. With the new season comes heaps of changes, new content, and brand-new features. Learn more by reading this post in full.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list as this new season has been almost a complete remake of the server from scratch - but I will try to address the most noteworthy changes in this update post.


Similar to Season 2, there will be three survival worlds to choose from. The Blue and Green world is running Vanilla terrain generation, and the Red world runs a 1:1000 sized Earth Map, which is new for this Season.

Each Survival World now also has its own online map which you can use to easier locate the perfect biome for your settlement, sea temples, and even find your own country by viewing the map of the Earth map.

You can inspect each world map through the following links:

Another difference with Worlds compared to Season 2, is also the fact that the Nether world is no longer a survival world. Instead, it is a resource world and will reset frequently. A traditional vanilla generation resource world also exists as previously for all your material gathering needs.

Preview of the new Earth World (Red)


One of the largest changes this season, and possibly one of the most controversial ones, is the fact that the server no longer will be running the ‘Towny’ plugin. Instead, a new Towns system has been developed for the new season aiming to make it more streamlined and easier to manage for veteran and newer players.

One of the main concerns we’ve always seen with newer players is the fact that Towny has a large learning curve, and would thus often result in newcomers either not claiming their land or simply not playing because of it.

With this new Towns system, these problems should be addressed while still keeping the features from Towny that players love and enjoy. This new system also has proper cross-world functionality (including Town Chats), which means there will no longer be any weirdness where you can only use town commands in the world of your town.

Overall, this should be much more intuitive and user-friendly - and as always, if you have any suggestions for the Towns system you can post it on Discord and I might add it.

You can learn more about the new Towns system by clicking the link to the wiki page. Here you’ll find a list of commands and a brief tutorial on how to claim your first town, etcetera.


A total of four new dungeons have been added to the server with the release of Season 3. This brings the total amount of Dungeons on the server up to 9. Similar to the other dungeons on the server these feature a new unique map, new custom modeled monsters to fight, and new epic rewards to be obtained. More than a dozen new unique items are waiting to be earned in the updated Dungeon Crate.

🧊The Chilling Hollows

Lore: To the North lies the ancient village of Frostwind. Now overrun by the evil Harbringer; all the villagers have been turned into foul undead creatures. Venture with other heroes to the Chilling Hollows; put the villagers out of their misery, and bring The Harbringer to justice.


  • Kill the Risen Villagers
  • Kill The Harbringer

🔮The Crystals Caverns

Lore: Strange new rock formations have appeared throughout the world. Scout’s report of a nearby cavern filled with valuable crystals - and dangerous monsters who are seeking to consume their powers. Venture to the Crystal Caverns and stop these foul creatures before they become too powerful.


  • Kill Crystal Miners
  • Kill the Arcanite Dragon

Special thanks to Naedia for helping build this Dungeon map.

🛕Temple of Karnak

Lore: Across the sea lies the ancient civilization of Egypt. Explorers report the appearance of risen mummies led by their now undead Pharaoh. Venture to the Temple of Karnak and halt their sinister plans from coming to fruition before untold horrors are released upon this world.


  • Kill Mummies
  • Kill Snakes
  • Kill the Undead Pharaoh boss

Besides 3 new dungeons added to the traditional Dungeon rotation, Season 3 also brings the very first Hardcore Dungeon which is intended to be a challenge for end-game players. This dungeon will open its doors for the first time a couple of weeks after the new season has launched, meaning you have time to properly equip yourself to meet this difficult challenge.

🔥 Flames of the Nether (Hardcore Dungeon)

Lore: Many eons ago, all remaining portals to the Underworld were sealed by the combined might of the Pantheon led by Zeus. When The Jailer, slayer of Mount Olympus, escaped Hades' grasp and the domain of the Underworld, a new rift to the domain opened. The Underworld is home to many vile demons, and one of the most dangerous ones is the Wither King. End his rule, and one of the Underworld's greatest kingdoms will crumble.

Objective: Enter the rift to the Underworld, and explore the domain of the Wither King. Enter the feasting castle, and put an end to the Wither King and his kingdom of torment.

Preview of the new Flames of the Nether hardcore dungeon.


A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that every Job is properly balanced for this season. This has always been very controversial and mid-season payment nerfs understandably have not felt great to players - even if they were necessary.

Therefore, for Season 3, I’ve had three MineRaze veterans working together to help balance the Jobs to ensure that no Job is way too overpowered, and that no job is undertuned, to prevent the need for major rebalances in the middle of a season.

The idea is for every job to have a paycheck (every 30 seconds) of around ~1000-1250 in-game money at level 50 using a tier 3 tool, being level 1000 in the respective McMMO skill, and efficient grinding. Jobs had to be balanced around these requirements because without them a large gap in pay would be created. This means your paychecks will be heavily dependent on your own concentration, efficiency, and setup.

Reaching Max Level:
This season we also wanted to make it possible for players to reach level 100 in Jobs while still keeping that goal at a high level of difficulty. Reaching level 100 in a Job will roughly take 250 hours of efficient grinding. This makes it so that reaching level 100 feels more like an achievement rather than an impossible grind which max level was in previous seasons.

How did we make reaching level 100 possible?
Reaching level 100 was made possible by simply utilizing EXP Boosters. You earn a 5200% EXP Boost at level 50 and a 22500% EXP Boost at level 75. Without these EXP boosters reaching level 100 would take an extreme amount of time.

Other notable Jobs changes:
- Each level now increases your paycheck by 1 percent (was 3%). This will lower the income gap between newer players and veterans significantly. Therefore, making it feel less bad for a player joining in the middle of a season. You will still be able to find additional boosters from ranks and in-game items as per usual.
- Paychecks are now every 30 seconds instead of every 2 minutes.
- Alchemist is now the defacto ‘AFK’ job. This also means the payout for this Job is significantly worse than others (roughly 75 percent), but experience gain is roughly doubled.
- Digger, due to its low requirements for maximum efficiency, has a lowered payout of 25-30%, but experience gain is roughly 35-40% more.

Each Job now also has a cosmetic perk when reaching level 75. For example, reaching level 75 in the Miner job will unlock you an exclusive Miner’s Hat, reaching level 75 Farmer will unlock you an exclusive Farmer’s Hat, etcetera. You can find more information about Jobs and preview all Jobs cosmetics by clicking the link:


The Heirloom system is going back to basics. This means a return to the Heirloom system that MINERAZE has been successful with years prior to Season 2. There is no more Soulforging and instead, you’ll find a merchant (Theseus returns), where you can purchase premade items. As before, they come in five tiers initially: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Pristine.

All of the items already have a set level of enchantments on them, including custom enchantments, along with both a Jobs and Artifact booster applied. Some of the Heirloom items also feature a brand-new fancy custom model.


The Artifacts system has been entirely re-coded in an effort to make it more beginner-friendly. The core functionality of the system remains the same, but the acquisition is now different.

Instead of Artifacts being random, they are now guaranteed after breaking a specific number of blocks, catching a specific number of fish, or killing a specific number of monsters.

The rates that will be active on release are the following:
· Blocks: Every 10,000 broken.
· Fish: Every 100 fish caught.
· Mobs: Every 2000 mobs killed.

These values can be easily adjusted, meaning they are by no means set in stone, and may be lowered after release depending on player feedback and our own thoughts after seeing the rates produced on a larger scale.

You will also see that Artifact booster numbers are significantly smaller in Season 3. This is because the boost system works entirely differently. A 100 percent artifact boost now means that you will receive a random Artifact every time you break a block, catch a fish, or kill a mob. Of course, reaching 100 percent is impossible, but once you reach end-game your booster might be close to 80 percent. This basically means that instead of receiving a random artifact every 10,000 blocks broken, with an 80 percent booster, you will receive a random artifact every 2,000 blocks broken.

Global Boosters

A brand-new Global Booster system has also been developed for the new season. The main change that will be noticeable to players is the fact that there will now be a display on your screen with all the boosters active, along with a ticking bar timer allowing you to easily see how long is left on the booster.

Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods system has also seen some major revamps. The three Gods from Season 2 have all had their perks readjusted along with the addition of new perks to unlock. A fourth God has also been added, now allowing you to pledge your allegiance to the God of the Oceans, Poseidon.

Each God also has brand-new cosmetics.
- Zeus has a new unique Lightning Backpiece
- Hades has a new Tombstone Backpiece
- Aphrodite has a brand-new Crown
- Poseidon has a Seaweed Crown. Each God also has a unique particle effect and brand-new texture titles which will make you stand out in chat.

You can find more details about each God and their perks by visiting:

Fishing Contests

Fishing Contests are an event that occurs every 4 hours in spawn and lasts for 15 minutes at a time. During the contest, you'll be able to catch dozens of different custom fish with unique names and effects. These can be sold in spawn at a Fishing Merchant for a large amount of in-game money.

The 3 players who catch the longest fish during each contest will also receive bonus rewards in the form of in-game money and the new heirloom currency, Crystals.

This should bring a lot of new life to all the fishing lovers out there!

Ranks and Prestige

Several donor ranks have had their perks updated.

Atlas+ now has access to all chat emojis.
Erebus+ now has access to a new item showcasing feature.
Titan+ now has access to virtual anvils, workbenches, cartography tables, grindstones, looms, stonecutters, furnaces, blast furnaces, smokers, and enchanting tables.
Primordial+now has access to creating Holograms, Hardcore Dungeons, two new pets (Penguin/Dragon), and a new command allowing you to descend levels.

The Premium and Platinum packages have also had their perks updated. The kits are now vastly better, and Platinum now has access to two disguises. The Axolotl and Glow Squid mob disguise.

And a new rank Patron has also been added. This rank can only be held by one player at any given time and is earned by being the top donor of a month. This rank comes with exclusive cosmetics and commands allowing you to increase your walk and flying speed.

Season 3 also brings a total of 20 in-game ranks for you to earn. Each rank comes with a set of epic perks and new commands. Ranking up in this season is vastly easier compared to Season 2, and thus reaching the Pristine rank will not be an impossible goal for the average player.

We also understand that a lot of players want some really long-term goals to work towards, and thus the Prestiging system from season 1 has returned.

Prestige is a system designed for end-game players who enjoy grinding for additional perks and cosmetics. Once you reach the maximum in-game rank of Pristine, this feature becomes available to you.

If you opt for Prestige, you will be set back to the default rank - Mortal. This means you temporarily forfeit all rank perks from Mortal to Pristine - but you immediately unlock the Prestige level perks. You will then have to work your way back up to Pristine, where you then can optionally progress through the next Prestige Level to earn further rewards and new perks.


Another brand-new custom system also makes its debut with Season 3. The Furniture system. This brings more than 30 exclusive furniture models for you to decorate your homes and towns with. This includes carpets, window curtains, tables, floor lamps all with several color variations for you to choose from. There are also some extra unique furniture models such as TVs, Aquariums, Dog House, Archery Dummies, and more.

You can find the Furniture Merchant by visiting the Crowns building in the new spawn. Now is the time to decorate your homes! More furniture items are also coming in the future, and we are always open to ideas for more. If you have a suggestion for a furniture, you think would fit right in your building, you can suggest it on Discord, and maybe it will be implemented in a future update!


The new Season also features four brand-new Parkour maps for you to complete. Each with a different difficulty and unique rewards to be earned. Completing all four Parkour Maps will also have an exclusive reward in a particle trail and a Titan Key. The following parkours are available at release:

🌳The Woodlands Parkour

Novice Level- First parkour level.

🏴‍☠️The Pirate Hideout parkour

Skilled Level - Second parkour level.

🔮The Crystal Mines Parkour

Seasoned Level -Third parkour level.

🐝The Hornets Hole Parkour

Advanced Level- Fourth parkour level.

Other notable changes:

There are also many other major changes coming with the new season including:

- New server spawn.
- New Loot Pinata in spawn when the server reaches voting milestones for extra rewards.
- New skills menu for MCMMO making it more user-friendly.
- New rewards system for playtime and voting.
- New particles system.
- New booster system.
- New economy system.
- New home system.
- New custom enchants.
- New chat emojis.
- Revamped cosmetics system. (now tradeable cosmetics and tiered cosmetics, and more)
- Several custom modeled NPCs in spawn.
- Dozens of new quests with updated rewards.
- Hundreds of new custom textures and models.
- More than 200 updated commands and GUIs.
- Item showcasing to flex your powerful items in chat.
- Join and leave messages for all players.
- And literally thousands of other minor changes and additions…

We hope to see you online the server this Saturday, July 3rd at 2:30 PM EST for the premiere of Season 3.

You can find a live countdown here: