Season 4 Release Notes

Season 4 Release Notes


This Saturday marks the beginning of another chapter in the history of the server with the launch of Season 4. This new season has been the most ambitious yet, bringing many requested additions, and changes, as well as a revamp to the vibe and theme of the server.

Please note that this update list is not fully comprehensible. The server was almost remade from scratch, and there are thousands of minor changes that would not make sense to include in this post, which will be long, but this post will include the most noteworthy changes.

The new season is releasing next Saturday at 1 PM EST. Click here for a live countdown:

New Server Theme

One of the immediately noticeable changes you’ll see in Season 4 is the shift away from the Greek theme, toward a Nordic, north-mythology-based server theme.

This means that almost every custom item in the game has been re-made from scratch, including the addition of more than 200+ new 3D models and 2D textures to bring the Viking-feel to the server.

To accompany the new theme, a brand new spawn, the village of Norheim, has also been built. Here is a preview!

Revamped Heirloom System

The Heirloom system has been revamped this season. Every single Heirloom item has been remade from scratch including item stats, lore, and custom models.

One of the biggest additions to the Heirloom system this season is also the ability for you to customize your tools and weapons by visiting the Magic Table of the Aesir in spawn. This will allow you to upgrade your custom tools all the way up to vanilla enchantment level 15 for certain enchants such as Efficiency, along with adding many different custom enchantments.

A new weapon type has also been added. Magic. This is for wands, staff, magic books, and more. In short, you will now be able to defeat monsters with the use of magic!

Many new artifacts have also been added including Infinite Water Buckets, Instant bonemeal item, Orb Transformation item, and so many more. Learn about all artifacts specifically on the wiki using the link below.

The item ranking has also changed, slightly, and is now the following:

Common → Rare → Epic/Event → Legendary.

Learn more:

New Blocks

More than a dozen custom blocks unique to the server have been added. They are all purchasable in spawn, giving you a lot of new building blocks to use for your town. Maybe we’ll host some building competitions where you can show-off these new blocks?

Preview of the new blocks.

Besides new blocks, there is also a new custom crop added. The Athelas plant. A magical plant of the Viking world, rumored to have been brought into Midgard from Asgard, the land of the gods themselves. Plant it, harvest it, and consume it for its powers… Or sell it, the choice is yours.

Dungeons Overhaul

A lot of work has also gone into spicing up the dungeon experience a bit, which includes the following:

Leaderboard System

  • The top 3 players who deal the most damage to mobs inside an active dungeon will receive bonus rewards once the dungeon concludes. This is a good incentive for players to actively partake in the dungeons, as well as giving end-game users an incentive to still partake in dungeons that they have outgeared mid-season.

Updated Bosses

  • Every single dungeon now features a custom-modeled boss with a much more engaging boss fight. This makes each dungeon stand out from eachother, and brings every Dungeon fight to a whole new level.
  • All normal dungeon mobs are also fully custom monsters with unique models.

Rare Bosses

  • Occasionally, you may also discover “Rare” bosses inside an active dungeon. This is an extra boss that has a low chance to spawn in any active dungeon, roughly midway through it, and slaying it will give everyone inside the dungeon some extra loot. Definitely keep an eye out for…. The Shrooms….

Other Dungeon Changes

  • Normal dungeons are now active until the boss has been slain, or one hour has passed.
  • Dungeon loot, in general, is better from an early-season standpoint and will improve as the season goes on, balanced around 1 key per player, per dungeon. You can however still earn extra keys from the infinitely repeatable dungeon quest, and by being one of the top damage dealers.
  • All dungeons now have several extra interactive elements such as hidden loot chests, traps, power-ups, health packs, and more.

New Dungeons

New dungeons have also been created for the new season. Here’s a quick rundown.

Mines of Haugr (NEW)

In the distant mountains to the north of Midgard, is the mining village of Haugr, now overrun by strange magic, the brave Vikings and citizens have turned hostile. Venture with a Viking raiding party and bring peace to this once prosperous mining village.

Castle of Niflheim (NEW) (Mythic)

Within the cold, dark, and misty world of the dead lies the Castle of Niflheim, ruled by kin of Hel herself. No mortals have ever escaped from this realm.

These dungeons are all brand-new featuring custom modeled monsters and bosses that truly bring the dungeon experience to a never before seen level. You will also be able to find rare treasures, traps, and much more in the dungeons.

Caverns of the Kraken (Previously Caverns of Atlantis)

Deep beneath the tides rests the Kraken, which has seen countless Viking ships wrecked through the centuries. Venture with a Viking raiding party and slay the beast and whatever comes in your way.

  • This dungeon has been revamped with new mobs, puzzles, and major environment updates.

Tomb of Legends (Previously Tomb of Vrykolakas)

The ancient tomb of Ragnar Lothbrok in Midgard has succumbed to the magic of Hel and is now overrun by foul demons. Venture with a Viking raiding party to restore peace to the resting place of legends.

  • This dungeon has been revamped with new mobs, traps, and major environment updates.

The Dwarven Sewers (Previously Shrieking Sewers)

The ancient dwarven kingdom which lies above these sewers has been in ruins for centuries and now the sewers themselves have begun to dry out. Deep inside rests the Eternal Dragon, Moregon, who brought the dwarven kingdom to ruins. Avenge the fading dwarven race by slaying the Dragon.

  • This dungeon has been revamped with new mobs, traps, and major environment updates.

The Forgotten Temple

South of the Northern Hemisphere in Midgard lies ancient lands with strange creatures and riches. Venture with a Viking raiding party to The Forgotten Temple and bring glory to Valhalla.

  • This dungeon has been revamped with new traps, and environment updates.

Purgatory of Helheim (Previously Flames of the Nether)

The foulest souls of the Viking world are sent to the Purgatory of Helheim. Untold horrors can be found here, and the spawn of Hel is an adversary unlike any other.

  • This dungeon has been revamped with new monsters, puzzles, and a brand-new menacing boss to fight.

Learn more:

Mines of Haugr Dungeon.


There will be two survival gameplay worlds to choose from when you start your experience in Season 4. Midgard - the land of humans, and Asgard - the land of the Gods.

The Midgard world runs vanilla world generation, whereas the Asgard world runs a very beautiful custom world generation, that massively amplifies the beauty of the Minecraft world. Here’s a preview of Asgard!

You can already now preview the survival worlds and begin playing for where to build your new home:

Asgard Map:

Midgard Map:

Learn more:


New gambling features have been added which you can access in the Spawn Casino building. This includes slot machines you can use at any time, Coinflip games you can play against other players, as well as the special Roulette table, where you can play solo or against other players to earn a lot of in-game money!


The custom quest system has seen some new additions. Most notably Global Quests are new quests that the entire server can work towards together. There will be three Global Quests active a month, and the 3 players who partake in the objective most will receive bonus rewards. There is also a base reward for all those who partake at least 1% towards the objective.

There are now also special rank quests that can only be completed by the players with the correct rank. This is both for in-game ranks, and store ranks.

Other than that, there have also been added roughly 50 new Daily and Weekly quests for you to enjoy, with many new rewards, new streaks, and more.

Learn more:

Town System

The custom town system is ever-evolving, and of course, a new season is a great opportunity to introduce many of the features players have been asking for. The most notable additions to the town's system include:

  • New command: /town info (town) - view information about a specific town.
  • New comand: /town player (player) - view information about a specific player, such as their town and whether they are online on the server currently.
  • The list of town members when doing /town will now appear in green if the player is online on the server. Clicking their name will also suggest messaging them which is a quick way to message an online town member.
  • Improved protection for hanging entities such as paintings, item frames, etc. They will no longer be able to be destroyed by explosions such as Creepers.
  • You can now no longer claim a town within 100 blocks of another.
  • There is now an extra Town Level (12) with an additional 1000 chunks.
  • The wiki has been updated with a more detailed and easy-to-follow guide for creating and managing a town.
  • Town ranks have been added. Preview below.

Town Ranks

Chieftain (Mayor)

  • Access to everything.

Elder (Assistant/Co-Mayor)

  • Access to everything except town deletion, town renaming, and ranking someone higher than Honorable


  • Access to inviting and evicting players from the town, and can break/place anywhere in the town.

Mason (Builder)

  • Can break/place anywhere in the town.

Scout (Recruiter)

  • Access to inviting and evicting players from the town.

Dweller (Resident)

  • Can only act within their own plot(s).

Learn more:

New Minigames

To further spice up your gameplay, several new minigames have been added.

Color Party - is a competitive 'Simon Says Dance' type minigame. Every few seconds, a random block is chosen and all players must find a block of that type on the dance floor and stand on it. If the player is not quick enough, they will fall down as every block except the chosen one is removed. This continues on for a maximum of 30 rounds, each round being faster.

Spleef - is a competitive game where you must destroy blocks below other players, allowing them to fall off the playing field. The objective of this minigame is to be the last player standing.

Fishing Contest - Fishing Contests are an event in spawn that lasts for 15 minutes at a time. During the contest, you'll be able to catch dozens of different custom  fish. These can be sold in spawn at a Fishing Merchant for a large amount of in-game money. In season 4, the fishing contest objectives can be either catch the most fish or catch the largest fish. All custom fish now also feature custom textures.

Infinity Parkour - Parkour is the art of displacement, a discipline that consists in getting from one point to another through agile movement. Basically, a form of jumping puzzle! There are four primary parkour maps on the server each with different difficulties and rewards. We also offer a new Infinite Parkour Mode for those who enjoy the parkour gameplay.

The Night is Dark and Full of Terror

Every real-life Full Moon, the fabled Fenrir and his pack of direwolves will attack spawn. Fend off the attack by grouping up with other online players, and defeat the Fenrir and his pack before it is too late.

This event happens roughly once a month, the exact timing is up to you to figure out, though there is a hint in this description. Fenrir has some awesome loot!


Another new custom plugin debuts with the release of the new season. Races are minigames that are broadcasted in chat about every 20 minutes on the server. They are a competitive race against other players online on the server to be the first to complete the broadcasted objective. The objectives range from:

  • Block Race - Be the first to break the announced amount of blocks!
  • Crafting Race - Be the first to craft the announced amount of items!
  • Hunting Race - Be the first to kill the announced amount of mobs!
  • Chat Race - Be the first to type out the word!
  • Quiz Race - Be the first to answer the question correctly!
  • Scramble Race - Be the first to unscramble the word!

Learn more:

Furniture Updates

More than a dozen brand-new furniture items have been added. This includes furniture such as Dragon Statue, Chairs, Benches, Chandelier, Piano, and much more. A new Furniture Painting system has also been created, allowing you to customize the coloring of certain furniture pieces such as Curtains and Carpets. This brings the customization to a whole new level and will allow you to make very detailed homes and towns.

All Furniture items are also very accessible as they are available directly from a merchant and cost in-game money.

Combat Pets

Pets have returned with the new season, and the entire system behind them has been massively overhauled. The pets now have several animations and move smoothly instead of being static.

Pets aren’t just about looking cute, as they now come with utility and power perks. This means you can have your pets helping you kill monsters in the wild and inside dungeons. Every pet has distinct abilities that will greatly help you on your journey.

Pets also come with other new functions including the ability to name your pets, and some pets can also be used as a mount. Ride your pets into battle!

Initially, there are 4 pets that can be earned - with many more planned for future updates.

Learn more:


There are a total of 14 in-game ranks to be earned this Season. Each comes with a variety of different and unique perks that will enhance your gameplay on the server. This season you only need to have the required in-game money in order to rank-up, the mcmmo level requirement is only used for the final three ranks and Prestiging.

Some ranks also have two titles this time around if there's a gender specific name for it. An example being the King/Queen rank, where you can choose which of the two titles you want to have equipped.

Store ranks have also been updated. Many new perks have been added to all of them, and they have also been renamed to more accurately fit the new server theme.

Preview of the new store rank title. Elf being Atlas, Dwarf being Erebus and so forth.

Besides these awesome new rank titles and textures, several other perks have also been added. Specifically:


  • Access to 1000 sethomes


  • Access to 300 sethomes

Aesir (previously Primordial)

  • Access to 200 sethomes
  • +40% Jobs Money and Experience
  • Automatic chest and inventory sorting.
  • Laying down, Crawling, Bellyflopping, Spinning
  • Blossom of Freya Combat Pet (will heal you!)
  • Create Map Art with just one command. Turn any image from Google into beautiful in-game map art in seconds.

Draugar (previously Aether)

  • Access to hexcode nicknames.


  • New store rank names and titles.
  • Store titles now show in tab for all ranks.
  • The store rank kits have been vastly improved.
  • You will now show as AFK in tab when you've been away for a long period.

Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods is a progression system that allows you to unlock powerful effects and exclusive cosmetics to help you on your journey and to show-off your achievements as the follower of a God of your own choice! As you reach the Pagan in-game rank, you will have the option to align yourself with one of three Nordic Gods.

  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Freya

Each of these three Gods comes with awesome powers. If you want to learn more about them specifically, check out the wiki link below.

Learn more:

Chest Sorter

You will no longer need complex Redstone machinery to sort your chests and inventories. A new Chest Sorting has been added, allowing you to easily organize all of your containers and inventories.

This comes with a variety of different options which you can pick and choose from in-game with the /chestsort command. This command is unlocked by reaching a certain in-game rank. It has also been added as a perk for Aesirs (re: Primordial) to use immediately from the start.

Player Shops

The creation of player shops also works a bit differently in this new season. The ChestShop plugin has been replaced by a more modern system that comes with many new features. Player Shops are now also much easier to create, as you simply need to left-click a chest with the item you want to sell in your hand, and it will prompt you to choose the selling or buying price.

Learn more:


In spawn, you can find the new Wardrobe Building, where you can purchase a selection of accessories directly from the merchant with in-game money. The merchant's collection changes every day.

In the same building, you can also enter the Wardrobe itself. This allows you to preview how every accessory item looks on your character, as can be seen in the video below.


More accessories will be added to this merchant as the season progresses. The current selection is roughly 20 accessories.

Learn more:

More Staff Hosted Events

Going forward, the plan is to host community events much more frequently, at least once a month. Besides the usual double dungeon loot weekend, booster weekend, voting weekend, etcetera, the following events are also planned:

Storage Wars - staff create several lockers with chests and stuff inside. Players will bid and the highest bid will win the locker and everything that is inside. Maybe the player will be lucky and it has crazy valuable items, or unlucky and they have wasted their money.

Black Market Auction - a staff-hosted Auction event with valuable and sometimes even fully exclusive items. Players will bid for the items, and the highest bidder wins the item.

New Server Wiki

The wiki has been rewritten almost entirely from scratch. The in-game help guide has also been changed to a redirection towards the online wiki instead. This makes it much easier to keep every bit of information up-to-date. In the future, the wiki will always be updated so the latest information is readily available to players.

You can already now preview the Season 4 wiki in full, and learn more in-depth about all the features on offer, including all the new additions. Begin here:

Other Changes:


  • The main server currency is now in-game money. This is used for both heirlooms, ranks, and more.
  • Vanilla items now also have a much higher relevance as they are used in the crafting of heirlooms, spawners, and other items.
  • A new custom bank system has been created, allowing you to withdraw your virtual money into a physical money sack item.
  • A new custom economy system that functions better.
  • The level cap for Jobs is now 50, raising up to 75 with Prestiging.
  • Rebalanced economy, including pay, notably Hunter is more in line with other Jobs.
  • Jobs pay is roughly halved for most jobs - this is reflected in the entire server economy, with all prices being significantly cheaper too. Lower numbers, but a similar acquisition rate!
  • Builder Job has been added.
  • Jobs have been overhauled visually with custom textures and much more.
  • Jobs progression milestone rewards.

Learn more on the following wiki pages:


  • Major improvements to the custom cross-server synchronization system. It is now instant, and achievements (found in ESC > Achievements) are now synced too.
  • More than 200+ new textures and models.
  • Dozens of custom textured GUIs.
  • More than a dozen new artifact items. Read about them on the updated wiki.
  • Custom fish from the Fishing Contests now all have a custom texture.
  • Dozens of new furniture items have been made and added.
  • Dozens of new chat emojis have been made and added.
  • Join and leave messages for all players have been added.
  • Bonus custom models for Optifine users, including Viking-based villager entities.
  • Prestige will be coming in one of the first updates and will work a bit differently.
  • Scoreboard is now used to display information such as money, crowns, and world instead of a bar at the top of your screen. This should make your screen have more space when boosts and news are active as they were also going into the same place as the previous bar. The scoreboard is toggleable.
  • Experience bottling has returned.
  • Many of the community-favored suggestions posted on Discord have been added.
  • The chat filter is less strict and will now inform you of filtered words instead of just blocking them.
  • The new Hall of Fame now features a lot more leaderboards.
  • Significantly improved perks for Platinum and Premium.
  • Significantly improved perks for all Store Ranks.
  • And so much more….

We hope to see you online on the server on Saturday, June 4th!