Season 6

Season 6

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Season 6, tomorrow Saturday May 11th.

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Without further ado, let us embark on a journey through the key features and enhancements that Season 6 has in store.

🏦Season Vault

As soon as you join the season, you can claim your vault items without delay. Additionally, all the existing and planned sources of season 6 vault slots are available already now, and can be found on the wiki. This allows you to plan ahead. As always, all event items (and possibly more) will be vaultable for future adventures.

You can find your vaulted items at /warp vault.

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πŸ”± A Return to Ancient Greece

Rediscover the allure of Ancient Greece as MineRaze returns to its roots with a captivating Ancient Greek theme reminiscent of the glory days. Prepare to be enthralled by the grandeur of our new spawn map, meticulously crafted to immerse you in the timeless splendor of this era.


There will be two survival gameplay worlds to choose from when you start your experience in Season 6. Elysium and Olympus. Both worlds will feature the beautiful custom generation.

You can already now preview the survival worlds and begin planning for where to build your new home.

Elysium Map:
Olympus Map:

πŸ—ΊοΈGuild System Revamp

Embark on a adventure with our revamped Guild System, featuring three brand new guilds and a host of exciting changes, perks, cosmetics, and balance improvements.

  1. New Guilds: Discover 3 new guilds, each offering its own unique identity, perks, and opportunities for growth. Whether you're a seasoned warrior, a master crafter, or a cunning explorer, there's a guild tailored to your playstyle and ambitions.
  2. Perks and Cosmetics: Immerse yourself with a plethora of new perks and cosmetics exclusive to each guild.
  3. Balance Improvements: Experience a more balanced and rewarding guild experience with a slew of improvements.
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🏰 Dungeons

Prepare to delve into the depths of two new dungeons at launch, expanding our roster to an impressive total of 13 dungeons, with one more dungeon already in development.

πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Buccaneer's Gorge
Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure in the treacherous Buccaneer's Gorge, a newly unearthed normal dungeon steeped in pirate lore. But beware, for the legendary Captain Deadbeard and his crew await those brave enough to face their wrath.

Preview of Buccanneer's Gorge

🌿 Dionysus' Garden
Venture into the mythical realm of Dionysus' Garden, a majestic mythic dungeon teeming with lush foliage and ancient wonders. Once a sanctuary for the revered Greek Titan Dionysus, the garden has fallen under siege by foul creatures intent on toppling the Titans of old.

Preview of Dionysus' Garden

Some of our existing dungeons have also seen some changes based directly on player feedback. Such as:

Abyssal Depths

  • Faster mob spawn cycles
  • New smaller 'Murloc' mobs from Warcraft, replacing the "beloved" Nagas

The Forgotten Temple

  • Faster mob spawn cycles
  • New and improved Goblin mobs

Tomb of Legends

  • Enhanced boss fight experience with tweaks to the Spider Boss mechanics, including the removal of the two-stage encounter and adjustments to boss abilities.
  • Say hello to new monsters!

Per Dungeon Loot

Explore the depths of our dungeons and discover unique rare drops from bosses, with each dungeon offering its own rewards.

Discovering the treasures hidden within our dungeons has never been simpler! We've spruced up the enter menu to make your journey smoother, introducing a fresh ENTER button and a handy PREVIEW LOOT option. Now, you can easily check out the exclusive loot available in each dungeon.

And hey, speaking of adventures, our dungeons are as diverse as they come! While some might dazzle you with unique loot, others offer up alternative experiences like thrilling quests or unexpected surprises.

Unique Loot Highlights

  • Buccanneer's Gorge: Obtain coveted quest items to uncover hidden secrets and treasures.
  • Botanical Quarry: Embark on quests and uncover elusive items amidst the verdant beauty of the Botanical Quarry.
  • Tomb of Legends and Necropolish of the Damned: Discover valuable items such as the +100% Jobs Money item and the haunting Wailing Lantern, enriching your adventures with newfound wealth and eerie ambiance.
  • Siege of Ravenshire Castle: Lay claim to the legendary Horn of Valhalla, a powerful artifact that promises glory and triumph in battle.
  • Abyssal Depths: Ride the waves atop the majestic Aqua Lizard Mount, conquering the depths of the ocean with unparalleled grace and speed.
  • And more!

Power Up System

When slaying dungeon monsters, there is a low chance for a random power-up to spawn on the corpse of the slain enemy. These range from enhanced resistance and speed to staggering strength boosts and healing abilities, unleash a plethora of wacky powers reminiscent of roguelike games.

Preview of one of the power-ups.
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πŸ” New Quests

Prepare for a journey filled with mystery, as we introduce a wealth of new quests in Season 6. From thrilling Milestone Quests to exciting new challenges, there's something for every adventurer to discover in the world of Ancient Greece.

  • More than 30 new Milestone Quests: Difficult progressive quests for a range of categories such as mining, woodcutting and fishing.
  • New Quests for Mount Enthusiasts: Embark on new quests to obtain pets and mounts and soar through the skies of Ancient Greece.
  • Many New Spawn Quests: Immerse yourself with dozens of new spawn quests, offering exciting challenges and rewards for adventurers of all levels.

πŸ›οΈ Trial of the Gods System

Test your mettle and prove your worth in MineRaze's epic new end-game feature: the Trial of the Gods. Engage in mighty battles against formidable foes within the sacred grounds of the spawn Colosseum, where victory promises rich rewards and eternal glory.

This is a new end-game system that will unlock shortly after release.

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πŸŽ‰ New Chat Events

Get ready for action-packed fun with our chat events! Race to eat in the 'Food Frenzy' or reel in the most fish in the 'Fish Frenzy'. It's all about speed and skill – join now and show off your prowess! 🏁🍽️🎣

πŸ›‘οΈ New Heirlooms and Artifacts

Discover a treasure trove of new weapons, armor sets, and artifacts. From the new Transfusion ability to new enchantments for fishing allowing you to catch Jellyfish, Sharks, the Kraken, and more.

More than 50 new Heirlooms items, armor, and weapons have been created and added with this new season. Have a look at our new Divine Heirlooms below!

Preview of the new Divine heirlooms.

βš™οΈNew Scavenging System

The Scavenging System is a new feature that allows players to exchange artifacts and heirloom items for valuable materials. Scavenge your artifacts and heirlooms to get a return on materials! Do you have an old Epic Axe that is now replaced by something better? Scavenge it to get some of your materials returned!

Spawners can also be scavenged into the new 'Spawner Fragment' currency, allowing you to turn less desirable spawners into the spawners you want!

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πŸ›‹οΈ New Cosmetics and Furniture

Customize your character and surroundings with hundreds of new furniture models and cosmetic wearables. From hats and wearables to decorative items for your home, express your unique style and personality with our extensive collection of cosmetics and furniture. We now have more than 200+ furniture pieces!

Preview of a small portion of the new furniture items.

🐾 New Pets and Mounts

Expand your collection with dozens of new pets and mounts, obtainable in-game for added accessibility directly from new merchants selling pets and mounts for in-game currency!

Ride into battle or explore the world alongside your loyal companions.

🏞️ New Parkour Maps

Parkour enthusiasts, get ready for a revamped adventure! All existing maps have been adjusted, offering varying levels of difficulty. Expect tweaks, improvements, and new rewards that you can earn every time you complete a map. Prepare to test your agility and claim your well-deserved prizes.

And guess what, there's also two new parkour maps!

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘New Friends and Party System

Connect with friends, form parties, and embark on adventures together with the enhanced Friends and Party System. Whether you're exploring dungeons, completing quests, or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of Ancient Greece, everything is better with friends by your side.

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🏘️ Town Improvements

Enjoy streamlined town management with features such as:

  • Town Claims visible on the browser maps
  • Simplified role names (Mayor, Assistant, Trusted, Builder, Recruiter, Resident)
  • Create town plots that residents can claim on their own. No longer needing to micro-manage every single plot per player!
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πŸ“–Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Tons of backend updates and improvements.
  • Many new menus and GUIs designed with brand new artwork.
  • New cross-server nickname system. No longer having to apply per world!
  • Asgard and Midgard are now known as Elysium and Olympus to fit the new theme.
  • Almost all listed player suggestions on Discord have been implemented such as broadcasts at every level from 25 and above, a "Rebirth" quest line to give a use for vanilla experience with cool rewards, new milestone and difficult achievement quests, improved dungeon rewards, improved backpack/wings.
  • Wiki has been updated and is much more detailed, such as pretty much every single command being added.
  • Added an in-game emoji list.
  • Fixed a variety of bugs from season 5 including crate opening quests, vein enchant, texture bugs, and much more.
  • And so much, much more...

Season 6 has been a labor of love, with a focus on improving existing features and adding new content based on your feedback. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, there's never been a better time to return to MineRaze.
See you in-game!