Skyblock Release Date

Skyblock Release Date

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Greetings, everyone!
As previously announced, Skyblock is coming to MineRaze.

This is the official announcement that Skyblock will be releasing December 17th at 5 PM CEST / 11 AM ET.

You can find a live countdown here:

What is Skyblock? ☁️

With Skyblock, you’ll create your very own floating island. Here your goal is to expand your starter island to get everything you need to thrive and survive, including crops, mobs, and all the blocks you want.

As with our Survival Realm, the goal of Skyblock can be whatever you’d like it to be. Do you want to have the island with the highest level at the end of the season to earn PayPal rewards? Would you like to unlock the highest in-game rank? Fancy being the richest player? Do you want to have the highest jobs or skill levels? Be the top dungeon master? The possibilities are endless!

Some of the main features include 🌟

  • Skyblock Island - Core Skyblock gameplay, as some of you might be familiar with. Expand your island and level-it up.
  • Jobs to earn money, like Survival.
  • New Skills system.
  • Minigames such as Fishing Contests, and a brand-new Mega Dungeon, Atal'Dazar, which is open 24/7.
  • Workers, which are basically NPCs that complete tasks for you while you are away or doing something else on the server.
  • New Accessories, Artifacts, and many new Heirloom items.
  • Hundreds of Quests to complete.
  • And so much more...
Preview of the Atal'Dazar Mega Dungeon.

How will I join Skyblock once it releases? 🐕‍🦺

When Skyblock releases on December 17th, you'll be able to access the new Skyblock server either through the new Hub (/hub) or directly with /server skyblock. Should you wish to return to Survival, you can do /hub again or /server spawn. There will also be NPCs in spawn to guide you.

Skyblock Wiki 📚

If you're eager to learn more, you can check out the Skyblock wiki which goes over the main features more in-depth. Find the wiki here:

Skyblock Ranks are currently 50% OFF. This sale is available until release. Ranks will never be 50% off again. You can pre-order ranks at

As always, we're open and eager to hear players' thoughts about your experience with Skyblock as it releases. There will be many updates coming post-launch - and you can help shape their direction by leaving feedback on Discord.

Thank you as always for being part of the community - hope to see you there for the release!